Teen Time - on Zoom (Registration)

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For example: Ron (4th), Hermione (2nd), Harry (K)
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For this program we will be using the free video communication platform Zoom. While we as the library are doing everything we can to ensure you and your family can safely participate in this program (monitoring the guest list, sending invitations only to those who are registered, having a designated moderator during the program, etc), ultimately as parent or guardian you retain full responsibility for when and how your child participates in online activities. By registering for this event you are agreeing that you understand that the library is not acting in loco parentis (in the place of a parent) and therefore will be present, to the degree which is appropriate for the age of your child and the specific program, during the duration of the program. 

Register at least one hour in advance to receive an email invite to join! Participation after registering is expected but not required, so there is no need to "cancel" your registration if you are unexpectedly unable to attend. Please register only once per household/device.

This program will be live and will not be recorded. This is to protect the privacy of all who are participating. So, just like at the library, you will need to be "there" during the time that it is offered or miss out.