2020 Summer Programming Archive

Below you'll find a list of past programs, including links to view archived Facebook videos (you do not need a Facebook account to view) or additional resources that are still available. Unfortunately, all kits were available on a first-come basis. And Zoom programs (such as Storytime and Teen Time) could not be recorded. 

Family Fun Night

June 16th Photo Scavenger Hunt (The online activity is still open HERE)

June 23rd

Art in a Suitcase with Mary Tooley: Russian Folk Toys and Fairy Tales
June 30th Cuando cuentas cuentos: Ferdinand/Sensory Activity
July 7th At-Home Fairy Tale Ball (The online activity is still open HERE)
July 14th Cuando cuentas cuentos: Guacamole
August 4th Cuando cuentas cuentos: Rainbow Weaver/Weaving Llamas

Babygarten BASICS

July 1st Royalty
July 15th Fairy Tales
July 29th Sea Creatures

Discovery Days

June 18th Fairy Tale S.T.E.A.M. Activities
June 28th

Learn about Ice Cream!

July 9th Construction Project
July 16th We had Astronomer John Heasley join us via Zoom! (Resources)
July 23rd Fairy Tale Crafts 
July 30th Lava Lamp Science 
August 6th Drawing Dragons - Art in a Suitcase with Mary Tooley