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Library Meeting Room Policy                                 

The Reedsburg Public Library Board & Staff encourage the use of the Community and Conference rooms by and for the benefit of community residents.  All use must be in accordance with library policies and guidelines and should in no way interfere with library programming or operations.

Community Room
The Community Room has a maximum capacity of 110 people.  Tables, chairs, podium, sound system and drop-down screen are available in the room.  Groups may use kitchen facilities to prepare light refreshments.  Supplies stored in the kitchen may not be used without permission.  Kitchen must be cleaned before leaving.

Small Meeting Room
The Meeting Room has a maximum capacity of 10 people and is set up with a conference table and chairs.  The room layout may not be changed.


  1. Persons seeking to utilize the meeting rooms shall submit a completed application and receive approval.  Application must be made in advance, not more than two months prior to the scheduled meeting.  The library will respond to the reservation request as soon as possible, but no later than five business days after receiving the application.
  2. Any application may be refused or rescinded at the discretion of the library. Reservations may be canceled if the room is needed for library use. This will not be exercised except in emergency situations and when possible, twenty-four hour notice will be given.  
  3. The Applicant is responsible for ensuring that use of the room is in accordance with all library policies and rules. Loss of or damage to library property will result in charges.
  4.  AV equipment may be available for use.  Please submit an AV form with your application. Fees may apply.

Acceptable Use

  1. Meeting rooms are intended primarily for the use of the library’s programs and library- sponsored activities.  When not required for library use, the rooms will be available for use by community and other not-for-profit groups and local businesses, for programs of an informational, educational, cultural or civic nature.  Admission fees may not be charged.
  2. Meeting rooms are available during regular library hours.  However, groups may request to continue past library closing time by indicating this on the application.  The request must be approved by the Library Director.
  3. All promotional material relating to events must clearly state that the meeting is not sponsored by the library.  Use of the library as the contact for any group is prohibited.
  4. Groups using the meeting rooms must agree to meet ADA requirements and provide requested accommodations to meetings and programs.
  5. Library Staff may attend or observe any meeting or program at any time.

Restrictions on Use 

  1. In order to make the meeting rooms accessible to as many people as possible, rooms are not intended for regularly scheduled meetings.  The library reserves the right to refuse advance reservations when a regular pattern of use is evident. 
  2. Groups using the meeting room may not charge fees or require purchase or payment as a condition of attendance.  The compilation of names for mailing lists or further solicitations is prohibited.
  3. Private social functions, including showers, parties and dances are not permitted.
  4. Events involving the sale, advertising or promotion of products or services is not permitted unless the program is sponsored by the library.
  5. Tacks, pins and tape are not allowed on the painted walls.  No signs or posters promoting a program or meeting may be placed anywhere in the library or on library property without the permission of library staff.

Additional Terms of Use

  1. The library does not assume responsibility for any property brought to or left in the library by the group reserving the room or any individuals attending the meeting.  The library is unable to provide storage space for those using the meeting room.
  2. Due to staff limitations, the library cannot accept calls or relay messages to individuals using the meeting rooms except in the case of emergency.
  3. The use of tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  4. Groups are responsible for their own cleanup following their event.  The meeting rooms must be returned to the condition in which they were found.  There will be a minimum charge of $25 for necessary cleaning.  The cost for replacement or repair will be charged for any missing equipment or damage to the rooms or their contents.

Review and Appeal

Any group or individual who has an objection to decisions made under this policy or the policy itself shall file a notice of appeal in writing to Library Administration within 10 days.  The Library Board will hear the appeal as soon as practicable.

approved: 4/11/2013
Updated 6/11/2015