About the Library

Library exterior

The Current Reedsburg Public Library:

  • Opened January 26, 1998
  • First Week 5,745 people walked through the front doors.
  • 15,400 square foot building
  • The community raised over $800,000 for the $1.5 million dollar building.

Mission Statement:

The Reedsburg Public Library serves as a free source of reliable information and materials using traditional library resources and emerging technologies to help meet the community’s education, information, and recreation needs.

Our Strategic Planning Goals 2021-2026:

  • We are Stronger Together: Reedsburg is strongest when organizations, government departments, agencies, businesses and individuals work together to get things done.  There is an opportunity for new and longtime residents of all ages to build on Reedsburg's history of collaboration.  The library can serve the community by facilitating connections and partnerships.

    Growing with our Community: By providing inclusive and responsive services, spaces and resources for all community members, we will expand our own knowledge and understanding of our evolving community. This collaborative relationship will guide the development and sharing of library services and resources as we continue to evolve to meet the needs of those that use and support the library.

    Building Toward our Future: As Reedsburg grows and changes, so too does the library.  We will creatively meet the needs of tonday's community members while building toward their needs in the future.  This two-pronged approach will allow us to address immediate, existing needs and thoughtfully and flexibly prepare for the library's future.

    Sharing the Library Story: Reedsburg Public Library has a lot to offer our community, and how and where we communicate and share the library story is key.  The community is dynamic and diverse, and so our library communications strategy must be two-way, nimble, friendly and inclusive.


Library exterior

The Library Collection:

The library's collection consists of over 70,000 books. This includes a large variety of fiction and non-fiction in hardcover and paperback. Also children's materials, and an extensive collection of large print books. Our collection also includes audio books, videos, dvds, compact discs, cassettes, magazines/newspapers and computer multimedia kits