32nd Division, 128th Infantry Company- World War One Collection

Ammo Dump.
Army Band.
Babb & Prange. T. Harry Babb, Art Prange.
Bates, Clifton 1916. 1st Wis. Infantry Champions of Camp Wilson, TX.
Bell, Frank.
Bennett, Clyde. Killed in action, Juvieny, Soissons, Sep. 9, 1918, Aise-Aisne Offensive.
Blake, John B. Killed in action, Sep. 1, 1918. Comter, Colorado.
Boxing 1912. Camp Douglas.
Boxing 1916.
Buelow (Leo), Hawkins, (E.)
Buelow, Leo
Bulow, Hank. With snowball.
Calisthenics, Camp Wilson 1916d. During Mexican Border Service.
Calisthenics, Camp Wilson 1916a. During Mexican Border Service. In Texas.
Calisthenics, Camp Wilson 1916c. During Mexican Border Service.
Calisthenics, Camp Wilson 1916b. During Mexican Border Service. “Lt. Harry Tudor - Excuse my back please.” Note one man marked with “x”. In Texas.
Camp 1. Troops lined up to wash their chow utensils.
Camp 1914a. Troops showing off for the camera.
Camp 1914b. Troops playing cards. Tents in background.
Camp 2. Troops lined up to wash their chow utensils.
Camp Dog.
Camp Douglas 1908. Two soldiers. 7-15-08.
Camp Douglas 1910. Co. B 10th Sep. Bn. L-R: Rhiny Miller, ?, Frank Brimmer, Clark Townsend,
      Bill Morris, Harrison Thompson.
Camp Douglas 1914. View from high above. Tents.
Camp Douglas 1915a. Digging trenches.
Camp Douglas 1915b. Digging trenches.
Camp Douglas 1915c. Lined up for inspection. Tents in background.
Camp Douglas 1915d. Informal pose.
Camp Douglas, 1916. Men and weapons.
Camp Douglas, Bird’s Eye View.
Camp Wilson 1916. Mexican Border Service. Mess Hall, Co. A. “No Gas”. Unloading wood.
Cardarella, Joe
Carry & Buelow. Ted Carry, Hank Buelow.
Church Service.
Clark, Otis. Killed in Action, Nov. 10, 1918. Mense-Argonne Offensive. P.I.C.
Clothing. On tables in front of tents.
Co. A, 1st Wis. Inf. 1916, Camp Douglas. Goofing around.
Co. A, Inspection.
Co. A, Trench Practice.
Co. B, 10. Third Tent. Men in front.
Column leaving Kyle. Texas
Cooks. Standing near a tent.
Crack Squad. Riflemen.
Darrenouge, Leo 1916a. Captain, Camp Wilson, TX. Riding a horse.
Darrenouge, Leo 1916b. Captain. With donkey and goat.
Decoration Day 1919. L-R: George Bannon, Don Howland, Pete Schroeder, Hank Buelow.
Digging Trenches.
Drinking. Hank Bulow, George Pierce, ?, Art Schroeder, Schram.
Feeding Squirrel.
Felske, Sweeney, Ladd. Charles Felske, Jim Sweeney, Boyd Ladd.
Field Maneuvers.
First Reg Band. Camp Douglas.
Four Squad Tent.
France 1918. Troops peering out of train car.
Guard Tower. Fence surrounding military tents.
Hammermeister, Pat. Barber. 1916.
Happy Squad. Co. A. Men standing.
Harrison, Mike
Hillman (Tony), Plamer (H.), Palmer (Lee), Buelow (Leo)
Hillman, Anton. Pvt. D.D. March 3, 1918.
Historian. 1930-1966.
Homecoming Rbg, 1919a. Flags, platform built for the occasion. In front of old Ford Garage.
Homecoming Rbg, 1919b. Main St. looking west. Arch built for the occasion.
Homeward Bound 1916. Mexican Border Service, San Antonio, TX.
Inspection 1916. In San Antonio, TX
Inspection, Co. A.
Jennings, Walter.
LaRue, Thomas B. Killed in action, Sep. 1, 1918. Ironton, WI.
Lindenberg, K(aiser?)
Lindenberg, R.
Lindenberg, Rudolph. 1896-1966. Was the organization’s historian from 1930-1966.
Lindenbert, R. & Rosenthal, Art.
Lineup with sacks. Co. A.
Machine Gun Practice.
McGuinne, Basil. “Bugs”
Mc Gninne, Basil. “Basil “Bugs” T. Mc Guinne, left, transferred from Co. A, 128th
       Infantry while in Piepape, France, to mach. gun 16th Inf. 1st Div. Rudolph Puttine (right). Photo
       taken in Rostatt, Germany in Oct. 1918. Prison Camp. Taken prisoner July 3, 1918. Returned to Co.
       A at Puderbach, Germany, in Feb. 1919.”
McNamara, Hulbert. Killed in action, Hill #230, Aug. 1, 1918. Alsne-Marne Offensive.
McNamara, John. Killed in action, Hill #230, Aug. 1, 1918. Alsne-Marne Offensive.
Mead, George.
Mead, James. Killed in action, Hill #230, Aug. 1, 1918. Aisne-Marne Offensive, Sandusky, WI.
Medical Tent.
Mess Kitchen. At Blanco River, Tx. Ca. 1916.
Mexican Border Roster. List of soldiers serving June 18, 1916 - Jan. 19, 1917.
Meyer, Harold 1916. All American Army Half back, camp Wilson, TX. Harold “Peg” Meyer.
Meyer, Harold. “Peg”
Miller & Smith. Rhiny Miller & Ora Smith, Texas, “5¢ Beer”.
Nadler, Emil. Corp. Killed in Action. “Co. A, Honor Roll, A.E.F. France, 1918"
Neighbur, George. Lime Ridge
Noyes, Merrill. In front of tent.
On A March 1916a. From San Antonio (Camp Wislon) to Austin, Tx. Sleeping on the ground.
On A March 1916b. From San Antonio (Camp Wislon) to Austin, Tx. Rest along a road.
On A March 1916c. From San Antonio (Camp Wislon) to Austin, Tx. Marching with weapons.
Panchio Villa Park 1. Sign noting the conflict.
Panchio Villa Park 2. Park entrance sign.
Parade, San Antonio. Texas.
Pierce & Bannon. George “Happy” Pierce & George Bannon.
Poem, Red Arrow. Postcard.
Pong Squad 1917. Waco TX
Pony Squad. Light packs.
Posing Men. Ca. 1905. Bill Zeick, Herb Wischoff, Al Roper, Bill Rosenthal.
Posing Soldiers. Leo Buelow, Romneyinger?, Richenthaler, Herb Schultz.
Posing. In front of a building.
Prange, Art. “Top Kick”.
Prange, Herb. Captain.
Puderbach, Germany 1919. With Army of Occupation. Top, L-R: Mickey McCray, Herman Grantin,
      Walter Carr, Rudy Lindenberg, George Bannon, Martin Johnson, Reinhold Rosenthal.
      Botton: Robert Hein, Ora Smith Rollin B. Curtis, Leo Gibbons, John Hoets, Phil Gibbons,
      Hank Buelow, Hugo Oehlers.
Rbg Ball Park 3. Troops seated on their bunks. 1916.
Rbg Ball Park 2. L-R: Rinhold Rosenthal, Wm Morse, Fred Wells, Art Rosenthal.
Rbg Ball Park Troops. Lined up for a photo. 1916.
Rbg Ball Park 1. Troops in the ball park.
Rbg City Park 1916. Troops pose for a photo in Reedsburg’s old city ball park.
Rbg City Park 1916a. Troops assembled in Reedsburg’s old City Park.
Reedsburg Departure. At depot in 1916, Co. A leaving for Mexican Border service.
Regimental Band, Tx. Camp Mac Arthur, Waco, Texas. 128th Regimental Band.
Relaxing. In front of tents, possibly in Reedsburg ball park.
Remains Co. A. “Remains of Co. A 1st Wis. Inf.” Top Row: R. Hein, Ora Smith, U. Gibbons, J. Haefs,
       P. Gibbons, H. Buelow, H. Oehlers. W. Melray, R.B. Curtis, H. Grantin, R. Lindenberg, Geo.
       Bannen, M.Johnson, R. Rosenthal
Ritzenthaler, Otto. “Rick”
Rose, Smith, Claridge. Harry Rose, Ora Smith, L. Claridge.
Rosenthal, Bill 2.
Rosenthal, Bill. Seated on fence.
Rossman, Fred. Standing by shattered tree.
Roster. Of members of Co. A, 128th Infantry, 32nd Division.
San Antonio, Tx. 1916. Troops lined up in front of tents.
Schulgen, Ernest. Lodi, WI. Killed in action, Hill #230, Aug. 1, 1918. Aisne-Marne Offensive.
Shanty. Soldiers inspecting shanty.
Ship George Washington. Troop ship 1919.
Ship Wreck.
Sleeping Troops. At “Luxello, Tx”.
Smith & Courtier. Ora Smith, Glen Courtier.
Soldier’s Photo.
Soldiers & Rifles.
Sweeney, Curtis, Arndt.
Tents on ground. Co. A, 1st. Ca. 1916
Trench Diggers.
Trucks lined up. Camp Wilson.
Village, Soldiers
Washing Up, 1916.
Washing Up, Camp Douglas
Washing Up.