American Revolution

The Patriot's Collection

July, 2003 Display
American Revolution Fiction (Titles From Reedsburg Library Collection)

Adult Fiction

Cornwell- Redcoat, Fast- The Proud and the Free, Jakes- The Bastard, Jakes-The Rebels, Potter-Swampfire, Shaara-Rise to Rebellion, Grey-Betty Zane, Thom-Long Knife, Larson-Out of the Fire,McGrath-Martha Peake, Mason-Three Harbors, Brick-The Rifleman, Jennings-Gentleman Ranker, Morris-Sound the Trumpet, Saintly Buccaneer, Gentle Rebel, Song in Strange Land, Tred upon the lion, Rinaldi- Secret of Sarah Revre, Jones- Shadow of moon, Cavanaugh- Patriots, Harr-Dark Eagle, Mason-Rivers of Glory, Shaara-The glorious cause

Children's Fiction

Dear- 5 Smooth Stones, Avi- Fighting Ground, Forbes- Johnny Trremain, Collier- My Brother Sam is Dead, America- Felicity, Proyor- Thomas, Massie- Patsy and Declaration, Duey- Mary Alive Peale, Keehn- Mom of 2 dark Horses,

George Washington

Clark- Mt. Vernon Love Story, Grey- George Washington Frontier Man

Thomas Jefferson

Chase- Sally Hemings, Page- Tree of Liberty, Chase- President's Daughter