Cold Case Mysteries

(2006 Display)

Barnard, Robert Bones in the Attic
Barnard, Robert Out of the Blackout
Barnes, Linda Cold Case
Buchanan, Edna Ice Maiden
Buchanan, Edna Cold Case Squad
Buchanan, Edna Shadows
Burke, James Crusader's Cross
Christie, Agatha Elephants Can Remember
Christie, Agatha Murder in Retrospect
Christie, Agatha Postern of Fate
Connelly, Michael Lost Light
Grafton, Sue A is for Alibi
Grafton, Sue E is for Evidence
Grafton, Sue F is for Fugitive
Grafton, Sue J is for Judgment
Grafton, Sue K is for Killer
Grafton, Sue M is for Malice
Grafton, Sue O is for Outlaw
Grafton, Sue Q is for Quarry
Grimes, Martha Grave Maurice
Harris, Lee Murder in Hell's Kitchen
Harris, Lee Murder in Alphabet City
Hooper, Kay Chill of Fear
Jance, J.A. Long Time Gone
Jance, J.A. Day of the Dead
McDermid, Val. Place of Execution
Parker, Robert B. Back Story
White, Stephen Cold Case