Historic & Architectural Walking Tour of Reedsburg

Most photos taken April - June 1999

WT1 211 N. Park, Parkside B&B
WT2 221 N. Park, Kahler Law Offices
WT3 235 N. Park
WT4 247 N. Park
WT5 240 3rd St.
WT6 190 3rd St.
WT7 318 N. Walnut
WT8 Old Brewery
WT9 436 N. Walnut
WT10 501 N. Park
WT11 517 N. Park
WT12 Old Hospital
WT13 526 N. Park
WT14 502 5th St.
WT15 420 N. Park
WT16 404 N. Park
WT17 346 N. Park
WT18 331 N. Park
WT19 321 N. Park
WT20 325 3rd St., Lavina Inn, B&B
WT21 St. Peter's Lutheran Church
WT22 208 N. Locust
WT23 208 N. Locuts
WT24 400 2nd St.
WT25 442 2nd St.
WT26 226 N. Pine
WT27 531 2nd St.
WT28 149 Myrtle
WT29 518 E. Main
WT30 612 E. Main
WT31 548 E. Main
WT32 612 E. Main
WT33 612 E. Main
WT34 531 E. Main
WT35 402 E. Main
WT36 125 N. Locust
WT37 330 2nd, First Presbyterian parsonage
WT38 First Presbyterian Church
WT39 Old Railway Depot, now Chamber of Commerce Office
WT40 Old Railway Depot
WT41 432 S. Walnut
WT42 444 S. Walnut
WT43 500 S. Park
WT44 510 S. Park
WT45 522 S. Park
WT46 522 S. Park
WT47 547 S. Park
WT48 439 S. Park (taken Nov. 1983)
WT49 440 S. Park
WT50 440 S. Park
WT51 424 S. Park
WT52 312 S. Park, Old Creamery
WT53 South School
WT54 345 Vine, Old Library
WT55 New Library
WT56 Old Photo, 200 block of Main St.
WT57 Main St. building
WT58 Main St. building
WT59 Main St. building
WT60 Cornerstone
WT61 Closeup of Cornerstone
WT62 117 S. Walnut, Times Block, Old photo
WT63 28 Main St.
WT64 125 Main, old City Hotel
WT65 Woolen Mill old office
WT66 121 Vine, old livery
WT67 148 Vine, (taken Nov. 1983)
WT68 148 Vine, old photo
WT69 Cross Roads Trading Post
WT70 90th Meridian Marker
WT71 Bicentennial Marker
WT72 Babb's Ford Marker
WT73 Civil War Memorial
WT74 Briggs Memorial Sign
WT75 749 N. Walnut
WT76 445 N. Pine
WT77 New Reedsburg Area High School
WT78 Sculpture at new high school
WT79 Log Village at Reedsburg Area Historical Society
WT80 Why Preserve