Internet Policy

Approved 12/9/2015

Mission Statement:  The Reedsburg Public Library serves as a free source of reliable information and materials using traditional library resources and emerging technologies to help meet the community’s education, information, and recreation needs.

1. As an information resource, the Internet enables the library to provide information beyond the confines of its own collection.   It offers access to a wealth of material to individuals of all ages.  However, sources on the Internet may not be accurate, complete or up-to-date.  The Reedsburg Public Library does not accept responsibility for information accessed on the Internet. 

2.  The Library requires that all use of electronic information resources be done in a responsible fashion and in keeping with commonly recognized ethical limits within the Reedsburg community.  In order to achieve that goal, the Library reserves the right to restrict the sending, receiving or displaying of text or graphics, if any of those actions is deemed to be inconsistent with this policy and/or to tend to disrupt or disturb other individuals making reasonable use of the Library facilities.

3.  Users must be 8 years of age in order to access library computers independently.  The Reedsburg Public Library assumes no responsibility for the use of the Internet by children.

4.  U.S. copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) prohibits the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyrighted materials, without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.  Responsibility for copyright infringement lies with the user.

5.  Unauthorized use, including downloading or installing any harmful program or utility, viewing or sharing obscene, libelous, threatening or harassing material, or any other unlawful activity is prohibited.

6.  The Library staff will:

      a.  Impose restrictions, such as time limits, on the use of Library equipment. 

      b.  Ask users to remove themselves from Library equipment and revoke Internet privileges if they observe any behavior which they judge to be in conflict with this policy.

7.  In the event of a suspected misuse, the Library Director reserves the right to review sites visited during a session.