Ironton: Volume 1

Ironton, Wisconsin Photographic Collection:
From the collections of Delbert Winn and Arnold & Murial Blakeslee

IR1 Ironton iron works complex. Furnace, top and casting house or foundry below (lettered “Pig metal and castings made to order by Jonas Tower.” Right is machine shop, far right is office. Village of Ironton in background.
IR2 Typical charcoal burning scene, northwestern Sauk Co. 1855-1880. Ironton Township.
IR3 Ironton Iron mine marker.
IR4 Iron smelting plant
IR5 The ore bed after the mine closed in 1892
IR6 The ore bed after the mine closed in 1892.
IR7 The ore bed after the mine closed in 1892.
IR8 The ore bed after the mine closed in 1892. An outing.
IR9 The ore bed after the mine closed in 1892. An outing.
IR10 Bar of pig iron found in creek by Harry Hearn, where it was thrown by Luke LaRue around the turn of the century.
IR11 Feed and flour mill with sawmill on right.
IR12 High water at the mill.
IR13 Log dam at mill.
IR14 Flour and grist mill
IR15 Log dam in the winter, Ironton on the hill in back.
IR16 Flooded mill dam
IR17 No photo
IR18 Ironton Roller Mills feed sack for Corn Meal. The Iron Mt. Ore & Furnace Co. came into possession of the feed and flour mill in 1881, when they bought the John Smith Iron Works from his heirs.
IR19 Ironton Co-Operative Creamery Co. Began in 1914, merged with LaValle factory and closed around 1939.
IR20 Interior of Ironton Co-Operative Creamery.
IR21 On State street. Building on left was Byrne building, moved in from foundry area. Right was Retzlaff’s Garage. A lean-to was built on one side as a grocery and ice cream store.
IR22 Blakeslee’s Store and Post Office. Allie Blakeslee on board walk.
IR23 Stage coach in Irontin, driver is Martin Hazlick.
IR24 Driving pilings for railroad bridge.
IR25 Driving pilings for railroad bridge.
IR26 Making the railroad bed.
IR27 Construction on Hwy 58 in 1928.
IR28 Construction on Hwy 58 in 1928.
IR29 “Lovers Lane”. Posing are Mary (Byrne) Miller and Mr. Hanzlick., ca. 1900.
IR30 “Lovers Lane”
IR31 “Lovers Lane”
IR32 River scene
IR33 River scene
IR34 Veterans Memorial Park, marker erected after WWII to honor all veterans.IR35 Bridge at mill, and entrance to the fairgrounds.
IR36 Fairgrounds. From left, exhibit buildings, horse barn, grandstand, speakers stand.
IR37 Tossie D., “The Lone Pacer”. She was mentioned in the fair of 1898.
IR38 Agricultural Fair poster
IR39 Annual Fair ticket
IR40 St. Michael’s Catholic Church, built 1862, burned 1929. Fr. E. Kriel, his sister Mary and his father, Winzel in front of church.
IR41 Interior of Methodist Episcopal church, built in 1873.
IR42 Methodist Episcopal church, built in 1873.
IR43 Methodist Episcopal church. Building dedicated May 11, 1919.
IR44 Ironton village two-room school, built in 1885.
IR45 Ironton village two-room school, built in 1885.
IR46 Two room Ironton school, built in 1885, remodeled in 1923 into a 3-room school. Held nine grades, closed in 1963. Currently a private home.
IR47 Ironton United Methodist Church Sunday School, 1902. 1. Iva Mathew Piper, 2. Anna Conklin Faivre, 3. Hazel Powell Huntley, 4. Charl Larson Hudson, 5.?, 6. Mabel Rabuck Kinnamon, 7. Dot Hawkins hainstock, 8. Blanch Wood, 9. Carrol Butman Nelson, 10.?, 11. Charles Blanchard, 12. Clarence Pearson, 13.?, 14. Lillian Inman Rabuck, 15. Geroge Blakeslee, 16. Eva Pearson, 17. Susie Pearson, 18.?, 19. Paul Ballentine, 20. Laura Pearson Selden, 21. George Butterfield, 22. Alice Sickler, 23.?, 24. Blanch Butterfield, 25.?
IR48 Ironton School, ca. 1902. Teacher, Muza Hawkins. Front row, L-R: Mark Hearn, George Butterfield, ?, Lee Pearson, Arvin Pearson, Orpha Ballinger, Blanch Butterfield, Mary Markham, Hazel Reeves. Back row, L-R: ?, Glen Reeves, Mary Pyphrone, Susie Pearson, Basil Thornburg, Lee Mathews, Laura Pearson, Emma Conklin, George Blakeslee, Alice Sickler, Eber Pugh, ?, Louie Pearson, Paul Ballentine.
IR49 Ironton United Methodist Church Sunday School, 1902. 1. Mrs. Hoffman (teacher & pastor’s wife), 2. Lillian Inman Rabuck, 3. ?, 4. Blanch Wood, 5. ?, 6. Winnie Blanchard O’Shea, 7. Carrol Butman, 8. ?, 9. Charles Blanchard, 10. ?, 11. ?, 12. Dorothy Hawkins Hainstock, 13. Anna Conklin Faivre, 14. ?, 15. George Blakeslee, 16. Arvin Pearson, 17.?, 18.?, 19, Alice Sickler, 20. Blanch Butterf.
IR50 Kids
IR51 Kids
IR52 Ironton School, ca. 1905. 1?, 2. Pearl Wells, 3. Grace Ballinger, 4.?, 5. Dellia Phugh, 6. Celia Dietzman, 7. Mary Ballentine, 8. Milton Harper, 9. Dick Pearson, 10. Percy StJohn, 11. Orphia Ballinger, 12. Mamie Mortimer, 13. Everett Hawkins, 14. Hazel Baublit, 15. Doris Powell, 16. Mary Markham, 17. Mary Lewis, 18. Millie Junge, 19?, 20. Hazel Lewis, 21. Bell Noble, 22. Clara Larson, 23. Florence Harper, 24. Homer Baublit, 25. Vivian Baublit, 26. George Tomelinson, 27. Ella Markham (teacher), 28. Eber Pugh, 29. Arvin Pearson, 30. Mark Hearn, 31. Lee Mathews, 32. Paul Ballentine, 33. George Blakeslee, 34. Basil Thornburg, 35. Harold Hawkins, 36. Harry Hearn, 37. Hazel Reeves, 38. Clarence Mathews.
IR53 Family pictureIR54 Methodist Sunday school class of 1868. Teacher, B.F. Blackman. 1. Mary Ann Pearson, 2. Zellia Pearson Rabuck, 3. Anna Crook, 4. Mary Apker FitzGerald, 5. Eliza Greenhough Pearson, 6. Ina Groat Rabuck, 7. Jennie Blakeslee Lunn, 8. Eva Blanchard Blakeslee, 9. Jennie Butman Groat.
IR55 Sunday School picnic, 1902. L-R: Beth Barnett Thomelson, Luella Hawkins, Hazel Powell Huntley, Dot Hawkins Hainstock, Lillian Inman Rabuck, Eva Pearson Apple, Carol Butman Nelson, Ellen Hillstadt, Ruby Osborne, Winifred Blanchard O’Scha, Florence Brown Andrews.
IR56 Kid on sled in Ironton
IR57 Pump, had endless chain with cups. (Photo may have been used as an example, and may not have been taken in Ironton).
IR58 First engine bought by the Cazenovia & Southern R.R. Photo taken at the rock ledge at Ironton by Frank Byrne .
IR59 Second engine bought by C. & S. R.R. Men on engine are Bob Drea and Guy DeVault.
IR60 Hop house. Right side of building had slanted platform where cheese cloth was laid for hops to dry. Left side was where hops were sacked and baled.
IR61 Kids in posing, with gristmill in background.
IR62 “Lovers Lane”
IR63 Mill on left, road leads to fairground.
IR64 Road runs through the mill on right.
IR65 Seaman’s Store, later Blanchard’s store. Boxes in front read “Piper Bros. Home Bakery, Madison”. In 200, is North of the Border tavern.
IR66 Furnace street. R-L: blacksmith shop of Vanloon, Kilburn and George Stephenson. White building was the I.O.O.F. Hall.
IR67 William All Log house built in 1855, stood until their son-in-law, Frank Phoenix, built a new house in 1914.
IR68 Memorial Day at the “church” ca. 1888. Drummers were George Stowe, bass drum; Allie Blakeslee on snare drum. Ephraim Blakeslee far right flag bearer. Girls dressed in white with blue caps and red sashes, and wreaths for soldier’s graves.
IR69 Methodist Episcopal church, built in 1873.
IR70 Same as IR41. Inside Methodist Episcopal church.
IR71 Tornado, May 9, 1918, Photo by the priest.
IR72 Tornado, May 9, 1918, Photo by the priest.
IR73 World War II honor roll. Names not on Roll when photo taken are: Owen manville, Walter “Pat” Mortimer, Alfred Gasser, Arnold “Ted” Finnegan.
IR74 State Street, looking East, 1909.
IR75 School?
IR76 Street scene, 1908.
IR77 Parsonage, Catholic church, 1921.
IR78 Main street, east, 1909IR79 1908. L-R: first building was, at one time, Blanchard’s harness shop, milliner shop, ice cream parlor. Next building was Blacksmith shop. Next, Mathew’s store, Hudson’s store and now Ironton Community Center.
IR80 Residence district, 1908
IR81 Train, ca. 1911
IR82 South side of furnace, L-R: crusher, elevator, top house where tumblers were located. Large door is where water ran through.
IR83 Interior of Guy Wright’s Barbershop. His son is posing for the picture. 1924
IR84 Methodist Episcopal church, built in 1873. 1908
IR85 Methodist Episcopal church. Building dedicated May 11, 1919.
IR86 Methodist Episcopal church, built in 1873. 1908
IR87 St. Michael’s Catholic Church, built 1862, burned 1929.
IR88 State street, left building was grocery store then Rosy’s Bar.
IR89 Gristmill
IR90 State street
IR91 Down town, ca. 1920's.
IR92 Looking across a field at Ironton, possibly, 1907.
IR93 State street?
IR94 Business district, 1908.
IR95 Mill house where the miller lived.
IR96 Kids in front of school
IR97 Center is Guy Wright’s Barbershop. In 1901, A. Macy had jewelry business in the Wright Barbershop. Wright also sold confectionary, flour and cigars. In 1926 Wright fixed the building and painted cars there.
IR98 Market Street, 1909
IR99 Home
IR100 May 8, 1918, tornado damage to Samuel Hudson residence on Mill St. Was a hotel at one time.
IR101 The last log cabin located at the ore bed. Mamie & Bernard LaRue in doorway.
IR102 Spanish American War veteran, Earl Wright, from Ironton. While out west, he enlisted in the army. Went to Philippines. Arrived home June 15, 1901.
IR103 Same as IR102.
IR104 Ironton depot damage during May 8, 1918 tornado.
IR105 9th Grade graduation, 1913. Back, L-R: Lawrence Hainstock, Irvan LaRue, James Doyle, Lee Mathews, Roy Shanley, Jay O’Brien, Lee Pearson. Front: Bell Nobel, Melissa Andrews, Mr. Holtzapple (teacher), Lydia Atkinson, Edna Bible.
IR106 Last day of operation of Ironton Postoffice, June 4, 1976. Mrs. Hope Marshall, last postmaster.
IR107 Ginseng bed in Ironton, belonged to Wenzel Hanzlick.
IR108 Village of Ironton School, built in 1885. Had 2 rooms, teaching 8 to 9 grades.