Jewel Fiction and Suprise Endings

"A Gem of a Book"
That might surprise you in the end

(Jewel Fiction and Suprise Endings- March, 2004)

Adler, Elizabeth Property of a lady
Anthony, Evelyn Relic
Beauman, Sally Destiny
Browne, Gerald 18 mm Blues
Capote, Truman Breakfast at Tiffany's
Craig, Philip Double-minded men
Francis, Dick Straight
Gilman, Dorothy Palm for Mrs. Pollifax
Gore, Joe Come morning
Hooper, Kay Always a thief
Hooper, Kay Once a thief
Hyatt, Betty Sapphire lotus
Krantz, Judith Jewels of Tessa Kent
Ledbetter, Susan A lady never trifles with thieves
Lutz, John Diamond eyes
Macleod, Charlotte Family vault
Matteson, Stephene Murder under the palms
O'Donnell, Lillian Goddess affair
Quick, Amanda Don't look back
Roberts, Nora Honest illusions
Roberts, Nora Sweet Revenge
Sanders, Lawrence Seventh commandment
Steel, Danielle Jewels of Tessa Kent
Steel, Danielle Ring
Steel, D. Jewels
Laker, Circle of Pearls
Preston, Leah's Story
Wells, Jewel of Promise
Scott, Jewel in the Crown
Andrews, Hidden Jewel
Wick, Hawk & Jewel
Metcalf, Spring Blossom
Potter, The Diamond King
Gottfried, House of Diamond
Conant, Paws Before Dying
Gordon, Jerusalemm Diamond
Douglas, Cat in Diamond Dazzle
Knief, Diamond Head
Holtzer, Black Diamond
Dean, Diamond Deuce
Nesbitt, Black Diamond
Palmer, Diamond Girl
Dean, Diamond Deuce
LeGuin, Tales From Earth and Sea
Mort. Diamond Bride
Sala, Diamond
Lovesey, Diamond Dust
Harlow, Country Kiss
Cordaire, Forgiving Hearts
Eddings Diamond Throne
Dunlap, Diamond in the buff
Lutz, Diamond Eyes
Conant, A bite of death
Krentz, Midnight Jewels
Roberts, Jewels of the Sun
Laker, Orchids and Diamonds
Neels Gem of a girl
Eberhart, 3 Days of Emeralds
Hood, Ruby
Snelling Ruby

Surprise Endings

Creech, Sharon Walk Two Moons
McDermid, Val A Place of Excursion
DuMurier, Daphne Rebecca
Raskin, Ellen The Westing Game
Brown, Sandra Exclusive
Harris, Thomas Hannibal
Godey, John The Snake
Turow, Scott Presumed Innocent
Sheldon, Sidney Other Side of Midnight
Diehl, William Primal Fear
O'Connell, Carol Judas Child
O'Connell, Carol Judas Goat
McCrumb, Sharyn The Hangmans Beautiful Daughter
Deaver, Jeffrey The Coffin Dancer
Kleier, Glen The Last Day
Folsom, Alan The Day after Tomorrow
Isaacs, Susan Almost Paradise
Maron, Margaret The Bootleggers Daughter
Perry, Anne A Breach of Promise