LaValle, Wisconsin Photographic Collection: Volume 1

LV1 East Main St. ca. 1915 From Duddleston Family
LV2 Mill Pond Dam, 1908 From Duddleston Family
LV3 Duddleston Mill, 1908. Has been in the family since 1911. Joseph A. Duddleston
1911; sons, V.A. & L.D. Duddleston; grandson, Volney Duddleston & wife, Edna.
LV4 Baseball team taken in front of drugstore. Charles Wilkinson, Bert Blank, Doc
Barnett, George Borchers, Ben Paddock, Fred Klett, Ernie Marshall, Bill Hyslop,
Ernie Richards, Vern Yanke, Vern Thompson.
LV5 Abraham (Sam) Jackson house (below Jackson School) From Russell Douglas
LV6 Farm, Vincent Jackson, From Russell Douglas
LV7 Big Creek Creamery, from Don Hagerty
LV8 River Drive (postcard)
LV9 Depot, LaValle
LV10 LaValle High School
LV11 J.H. Byrns Buffet
LV12 Parade
LV13 Union Sunday School, United Methodist Church in 2000
LV14 Mrs. Jerome's house
LV15 LaValle Baseball team
LV16 Main St. LaValle, WI (postcard)
LV17 LaValle Depot (postcard)
LV18 Lutheran Church, Clara Rabuck
LV19 St. Paul's church, Big Creek, located at what is now cemetery.
LV20 LaValle Roller Mill fire
LV21 LaValle depot & train, ca. 1908
LV22 Men marching with rifles
LV23 Carrie Wilson home, first to have a phone in town. Line was run to Paddock's store.
LV24 Rock Scene near LaValle, WI, by the Trail Break in 2000
LV25 School
LV26 Hwy 58 (postcard)Paddock house is on left, top of hill
LV27 Main St. (postcard)
LV28 The Rocks (postcard)
LV29 Interior of old Milhbauer Tavern
LV30 Interior of hardware store?
LV31 Main St., May 28, 1947
LV32 Rabucks Tavern, ca. early 1980's
LV33 Threshing 1943
LV34 Thelma (Burmester) Hartje, Norma (Decker) Jones, helping threshing crew during
World War II
LV35 Snowstorm, Jan. 1947
LV36 Mince Meat time at Thelma's. Herman & Elsie Burmester, LaValle, April 1962
LV37 Zion Lutheran church, LaValle, Mar. 1955 (from Thelma Hartje)
LV38 Standing on the rocks near railroad tracks across from the depot
LV39 Passenger train passing through town.
LV40 Paddock's Store front
LV41 Lars Wahlen Hardware store, 1909. From Odell Larsen
LV42 Garage, possibly 1921 (postcard)
LV43 Bridge over Baraboo River at LaValle (postcard)
LV44 Steam engine at LaValle
LV45 Mill dam, ca. 1915
LV46 Hwy 59 at LaValle, Paddock house is on left, top of hill
LV47 LaValle dam, ca. 1920
LV48 LaValle to Cazenovia, 1910-1935. The Chicago Northwestern and the Cazenovia
Southern Railroads served LaValle. The CSRR was nicknamed "Puckety Chute".
LV49 LaValle to Cazenovia on a converted Model-T which ran on railroad tracks, delivered
mail. ca. early 1920's.
LV50 Clara's Store, Main St. Firehouse is located here in 2000.
LV51 Possibly Duddleston Sawmill, from Helen Miller
LV52 LaValle Roller Mill fire
LV53 Garage, ca. 1921
LV54 Harriette & Lee Pearson house, on Pearson St., LaValle
LV55 Lutheran Church
LV56 Main St. 1908. Fourth store on right is Paddock Grocery.
LV57 Railroad Bridge at LaValle
LV58 Engelbretson Hotel/ Apker Rooming House, ca. 1885. Man in buggy, Philip J.
Mihlbauer; L-R: on lower step, Ida Apker; Anna Sands Apker; Parker Apker; Clinton
Apker; in white apron, Betsy Apker; Henry P. Apker; Mary Apker, Fritzgerald; James
Fitzgerald, May Apker, Ed Apker.
LV59 LaValle Depot & steam engine
LV60 Main St., 1906
LV61 George Town Hotel
LV62 Mill and dam, 1908
LV63 Catholic Church
LV64 Overflow, July 23, 1907
LV65 Parade
LV66 Parade
LV67 Main St.
LV68 Lover's Lane, 1913
LV69 Swimming pool, ca. 1947
LV70 Glen Atkinson, ca. 1940's
LV71 Parade
LV72 Parade
LV73 Parade
LV74 Phyllis Borchers & Elizabeth "Bugs" Gates, Parade 1986
LV75 Parade 1994
LV76 Parade 1994
LV77 400 Trail opening, June 5, 1993
LV78 New pool
LV79 New pool
LV80 New pool
LV81 Farm & Mill pond
LV82 Iron bridge, Mar. 2, 1998
LV83 New pool, Nicki Schvinck
LV84 New pool, Helen Geitz, Wayne Coleman
LV85 New pool, Connie Hahn
LV86 New pool opening, June, 1994
LV87 New pool, back, R-L: Ryan Rabuck, Greg Hahn, Dale Schultz, Norbert Rudy, Sheryl
Albers, Virgil Hartje, David Doering
LV88 New pool
LV89 Old iron bridge on Hwy 33, March 2, 1998
LV90 Dutch Hollow rural school
LV91 Trail Break, 1999
LV92 Donna's Antiques, 1999
LV93 The River Mill, 1999
LV94 Loading Dock Bar & Grill, 1999
LV95 Donna's Antiques, 1999
LV96 400 Trail at LaValle. Original depot sign along 400 Trail. Sign placed on depot site in
1998 by the LaValle History Project., 1999
LV97 Mill Dam, 1999
LV98 Dave's Hardware, 1999
LV99 The River Mill, 1999
LV100 Village Hall & Library, 1999