LaValle, Wisconsin Photographic Collection: Volume 3

LV266 Dreamland, 1960
LV267 Parade (1981?)
LV268 Snowmobilers (1968?)
LV269 Flood, Swimming pool, July 5, 1978
LV270 Flood, Donkey, July 5, 1978
LV271 Camp Meeting, Advent Church, near LaValle
LV272 Depot & train, Aug. 1926
LV273 Gas station, first in LaValle ( Village Pump in 2000)
LV274 McWilliams residence, Richard on tractor, Robert on shovel
LV275 Harvey McWilliams house in LaValle, Center St. Rockie Sobak home in 2000)
LV276 Obed on hay, Henry McWilliams on ground.
LV277 Oak Lawn Cemetery
LV278 1923, Emma (Held) Mueller & Ewald Mueller wedding
LV279 Harvey McWilliams on grain binder, Robert McWilliams driving, Ruth Ann
McWilliams standing.
LV280 Ulrika Held, died 1939; Carl Held, died 1930
LV281 Susan (Carman) Butler Fuller house on East St., burned down. (site of C.
Carpenter's home in 2000)
LV282 Village Library, 1992, Dave Doering, Director
LV283 Summer Library program 1998, LaValle Park
LV284 Parade (1981?)
LV285 Clara's Store, 1966
LV286 Clara's Store, 1966
LV287 Lake Redstone, 1999, LaValle Fish & Bass Club stocking fish
LV288 1996 Snowmobiling the 400 Trail
LV289 Border Riders Motorcycle Club, 1993
LV290 1994, Santa visits fire station
LV291 Little League team, 1986
LV292 Lake Redstone 1986. Cheryl & Tim and Mary & David Mueller
LV293 Postcard, Lake Redstone
LV294 Residence of J.H. White (Village Artwork in 2000)
LV295 Tornado, July 3, 1907. Carl Stricker's house and barn (in Big Creek area)
LV296 Tornado, July 3, 1907. Gate's house and barn (in Big Creek area)
LV297 Tornado, July 3, 1907. E. Gates house and barn (in Big Creek area)
LV298 Tornado, July 3, 1907. W.A. Stricker's house and barn (in Big Creek area)
LV299 Welcome to LaValle sign with business listing on 400 Trail, March 18, 2000
LV300 Sign on Hwy 33 from Reedsburg, March 18, 2000
LV301 Old Town Hall on Catholic Church Hill, March 18, 2000
LV302 LaValle Town Hall & Shop. On left, Village of LaValle shop, March 18, 2000
LV303 Ironton-LaValle Elementary School, March 18, 2000
LV304 The Rocks, Paddock Hill, March 18, 2000
LV305 Rock, from 400 Trail, by Trail Break, March 18, 2000
LV306 Rock, from street, by Trail Break, March 18, 2000
LV307 Hemlock Park, March 18, 2000
LV308 Baraboo River, LaValle Mill Pond, March 18, 2000
LV309 Dutch Hollow Lake, from LaValle Town landing, March 18, 2000
LV310 Hwy 58 Bridge in LaValle
LV311 Mill Pond, LaValle, March 18, 2000
LV312 Duddleston farm, March 8, 2000
LV313 The Rocks, Paddock Hill, Hwy 158, March 18, 2000
LV314 Hemlock Park & 400 Trail, March 18, 2000
LV315 The LaValle Mill Pond, March 18, 2000
LV316 WWII honor roll on side of hardware building.
LV317 WWII honor roll, Eugene Hawkins.
LV318 LaValle pool, July 1960
LV319 Marie Ellsesar Millinery, Main St., LaValle. Mrs. Jerome house. Hulda Hochmuth
is second from left.
LV320 Postcard, ca. 1909. (LaValle creamery, Steamboat Rock, LaValle Roller Mills)
LV321 Charles & Emeline Pearson, Louie, Harriet, Lee, Charles. Charles Sr. ran the mill,
worked in postoffice, was in LaValle State Bank when it failed in 1930's.
LV322 Civil War veterans at courthouse in Baraboo. Photo by H.H. Bennett, from Shirley
Springer. "Charles Pearson with patch on eye. (Was Charles Pearson Jr.'s