Library Board & Staff

Library Board

The Reedsburg Public Library Board meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM. Agendas for each meeting are posted at the library and on the City of Reedsburg web site.

The Reedsburg Public Library Board is appointed to 3 year terms by the Mayor of Reedsburg with the Reedsburg City Council confirming those appointments.

  • Kate Campbell, Treasurer
  • Heidi Feller
  • Tom Geimer
  • Nancy Lukes, School District Appointee
  • Joleen McBride, President
  • David Moon, Vice President
  • Stephen Balda

Library Staff

Sauk County Library Board 

  • Pat Andreessen, Vice Chair
  • Craig Braunschweig, County Supervisor Appointee
  • Peggy Heidenreich, Secretary
  • Sue Meise
  • Barbara Morford
  • Terry Slack
  • David Wernecke, Chair