Library Welcomes New Youth Services Librarian

If you have visited the Reedsburg Public Library lately, you may have noticed a new face in the Children’s or Young Adult Sections of the library.  Tina Peerenboom started in her new position on October 19, 2015 as Youth Services Librarian of the Reedsburg Public Library.  Tina takes the place of Kris Houtler, who has been hired as the library’s new Assistant Director.

Indeed, it will be hard to fill the shoes that Miss Kris has worn so adeptly for these past several years, but Miss Peerenboom comes with several qualifications that make her an excellent fit for those proficient shoes.  A native of Appleton, Tina graduated from UW-Oshkosh with a major in elementary education.  She is currently finishing her Masters degree in Library and Information Science through the University of Wisconsin Madison.  Children’s and Young Adult Services have been her emphasis.

When asked what sparked her interest in pursuing a career in youth services in the public library, Tina replied that it was a natural choice for her as it combines two of her great loves, reading and children.  She has been an avid reader and public library user for as long as she can remember and this past summer had the opportunity to work in the Appleton Public Library as an intern in the Children’s section.  It was a wonderful experience for her to give back to the community’s public library where she had spent so many pleasant hours in her youth.

Youth in Reedsburg will soon be able to experience the unique abilities that Tina brings to her new position.  Tina loves to incorporate crafts, music and movement in her programming for kids.  Technology may soon become a part of story times as well, as the library hopes to acquire iPad type devices for kids to use as part of an interactive storytime.  Tweens and  teens will also  benefit from Tina’s plans for additional book clubs and creative writing ventures.

On a personal note, Tina is one of seven children and now the aunt of several more, so she is accustomed to children and their activity.  When asked about her unusual last name, Tina responded that the meaning of the name is literally “pear tree.”  As a youth, Tina’s mom used to draw a picture of a pear in the middle of a “boom” icon on her lunch bag.  Sure enough, the apple, or in this case, the pear, does not fall far from the tree in that patrons will find Tina to be a fun, energetic and creative Youth Services Librarian.  However, “Peerenboom” being too difficult to pronounce, Tina is happy to be known as “Miss Tina” to Reedsburg’s youth.

If you haven’t met Miss Tina, be sure to introduce yourself the next time you are in the library.  For any questions about any library services or programs, please call the library at 608-768-READ (7323).