Loganville, Wisconsin Photographic Collection: Volume 2

LOG301 Fred Grauvogel by car.
LOG302 Looking up east Walnut st. towards St. John's Lutheran Church. ca. 1920's.
LOG303 Hauling something
LOG304 4th of July parade float of Burmester's Grocery
LOG305 Pond?
LOG306 Narrows Creek, c. 1910. Photo by Eric Schalkhauser.
LOG307 Parade units
LOG308 Martin Thies parade float. General trucking & hauling
LOG309 Mail was carried between Loganville & Reedsburg by Wm Voss in late 1920's in this
vehicle which had tank-like tracks on the rear.
LOG310 Inside Burmester Grocery.
LOG311 Parade float advertising a Luther League picnic, probably St. Peter's of Loganville.
Forest Harms' car. 4th of July.
LOG312 Looking North in 1909. Mr. Giles owned the building with the steps. To the left is
the Farrow place, built by Martin Roecker.
LOG313 East side of Main st. Possibly a "Brush" car under trees.
LOG314 Parade down Main st.
LOG315 Loganville Public School, ca. 1910. Photo by Eric Schalkhauser.
LOG316 Parade float of Loganville State Bank
LOG317 Decoration Day parade, 1919. Color Guard, L-R: Bill Gall (tall man), Martin Roewer,
Al Burmester, ?, Ed Stienke (flag bearer).
LOG318 C. Briggs cartoon about Loganville.
LOG 319 Various bills of sale from Loganville businesses.
LOG320 Harold A. Baumgarten bill of sale.
LOG321 Dorow bill of sale.
LOG322 Harold A. Baumgarten bill of sale.
LOG323 E.A. Kohlmeyer bill of sale.
LOF324 Loganville Auto Co. bill of sale.
LOG325 Larry's Welding bill of sale.
LOG326 Skit
LOG327 Martin Thies. Mail carrier between Loganville and Reedsburg.
LOG328 Wagner, Tuhus, Burmester bills of sale.
LOG329 Meat Market, Roewer, Gudenschwager bills of sale.
LOG330 Baumgarten bills of sale.
LOG331 Kohlmeyer bill of sale.
LOG332 Ninnaman bill of sale.
LOG333 Martin Thies bill of sale.
LOG334 Charles Fisher bill of sale.
LOG335 Stabnow Garage, Bloedau Motor sales bills of sale
LOG336 Kruse Bulb Sales advertisement.
LOG337 Stabnow's Garage advertisement.