Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Approved 4/9/2015

I. In-Library Payment Methods

  1. Unless otherwise noted by account restriction or posted notes, payment may be made at the Circulation Desk for any of the fee services, rentals, fines or copies via cash, personal check with ID or credit/debit card. 
    1. Partial payments are permitted.
    2. Payments for charges at other SCLS libraries are permitted.  Payment by check may require check to be written to library owed.
    3. Cardholder must be present
    4. Card Must be swiped.  No manual entry of card number.
  2. Payment for LINKcat fines or lost charges of $10.00 or more may be made via credit or debit card at any of the public computer workstations, or from any computer with Internet access.
    1. Payment is via web access only.
    2. Payment in full is required.  Partial payments are not allowed.
    3. Payments via LINKcat are patron-initiated only.  Library staff will not handle the card and will not enter information for the patron.
    4. Library staff are not able to make modifications, print receipts or otherwise access LINKcat credit card payments.

II. Refunds & Restrictions

  1. Refunds for SCLS items shall follow system uniform refund policy.
  2. Refunds shall be paid via cash with the following exceptions.  
  1. No cash refund within 30 days of payment made by check

- Checks that have not yet been deposited will be returned

  1. No cash refund within 72 hours for credit/debit payment
  2. Refunds of more than $20.00 will be issued by check.
  1. Cash back may not be given for Credit/debit card, money order or payment by check.
  2. Refunds are not available via the LINKcat payment portal.


Special Rules and Circumstances
Scenarios not addressed above or provided for within the LINK Circulation Manual will be at the discretion of the Library Director.