Political Fiction

Political Fiction and Fictional Presidents (Display 2004)

Favorite Son Steve Sohmer
Final Addiction Richard Condon
Primary Colors Joe Klein
Senator Richard Bowker
Short List Jim Lehrer
Smoke and Mirrors Barbara Michaels
Special Relationship Robyn Sisman
The Plan Stephen Cannell
The Prodigal Daughter Jeffrey Archer
Absolute Power David Baldacci
Simple Truth David Baldacci
Brethren John Grisham
Echo House Ward S. Just
Seven Days in May Fletcher Knebel
Last Integrationist Jake Lamar
Woody Peter Lefcourt
Shelley's Heart Charles McCarry
Face Time Erik Tarloff
Run Stuart Woods
Capital Crimes Stuart Woods
Bishop in West Wing Greenley
Lions of Lucerne Thor
Executive Privilege Brandon
Impaired Judgement Compton
First Lady Murders Pickard
Sharp Force Susan Ford
Advice and Consent Allen Drury
Vanished Fletcher Knebel
The R Document Irving Wallace
Term Limits Vince Flynn
The Presidents Daughter Jack Higgins
Executive Orders Tom Clancy
Protect and Defend Richard North Patterson
Hard Target Christopher Hyde
The First Counsel Brad Meltzer
Headwind John Nance
By Order of the President Michael Kilian
The Incumbent Brian McGrory
Face-Time Erik Tarloff
Absolute Power David Baldacci
Exclusive Sandra Brown
Murder in the White House Margaret Truman
Seven Days in May Fletcher Knebel
The Emperor of America Richard Condon
The Prodigal Daughter Jeffrey Archer
First Lady Susan Phillips
The Road Home Ellen White
Running Mates Joe Klein
A God in Ruins Leon Uris