Reedsburg Collection Volume 2 Photos Identification

AS1-14A Vol. 2 Waiting for the train at depot. Note old wooden depot

AS1-18A Vol. 2 Reedsburg ball park, military men on grounds

ED1-18 Vol. 2 High school building

EHH1-2A Vol. 2 The New Store, Krueger, Huebing & Clement Co. 1909, Everett Burdick - clothing dept.; dick Krueger, Anna Ost, Leota Huebing, Winifred Smith - Dry goods dept.; Herbert Struck, Fred A. Krueger, Herman Wohlsclager - Grocery dept.; Harry Jensen - Shoe dept.

EHH1-4A Vol. 2 Carl Struebing, employed in the New Store clothing dept. July 12, 1925; before leaving on a trip to Calif. in his "bus".

EHH1-7A Vol. 2 4th of July float advertising Armstrong Linoleum. Victor Bates driving his team, for the New Store float.

EHH1-9A Vol. 2 Treasure chest advertising idea: 10,000 keys were mailed out with circulars and those receiving same were invited to call and fit their key to the lock on 3 chests; one each for clothing, shoes and dry goods, containing checks for $25, $15, $10.

EHH1-11A Vol. 2 Same as above, but in different department.

EHH1-13A Vol. 2 Firemen's tournament, June 25, 1924. Band platform in front of the New Store

EHH1-15A Vol. 2 Firemen's tournament, June 25, 1924. Main St. looking east.

EHH1-19A Vol. 2 Front of the New Store, big sale

EHH1-21A Vol. 2 The New Store, sale signs outside, ca. 1924

EHH1-23A Vol. 2 Firemen's tournament, June 21, 1924. Looking N.W. towards the Baraboo River bridge

EHH1-25A Vol. 2 The New Store window display, June 25, 1924

EHH1-36 Vol. 2 July 4, 1914; The Zeppelin float from the New Store.

EHH2-5 Vol. 2 July 4, 1916; John Babb portrays Daniel Boone, followed by ox & cart from Sauk Co. Home; #2 Walter Chauff____?, Mrs. G.W. Hass & Mrs. Christenson on cart.

EHH2-7 Vol. 2 July 4, 1916; Theodore Collins drives the S.A. Collins Monument Co.'s truck in front of the old Fuller Market, later site of the Badger Theater.

EHH2-9 Vol. 2 July 4, 1916; Teacher's training school float. Looking towards Schweke corner.

EHH2-11 Vol. 2 July 4, 19?, Local company in parade.

EHH2-13 Vol. 2 Fire Company on parade with horse-drawn hose cart. Will Hinricks, driver; Will Zeck, Fred Ost.

EHH2-43 Vol. 2 Plane rides given at one of the last fairs held in Reedsburg on the old fair grounds west of Reedsburg (where MATC stands today, 1998)

EHH3-4 Vol. 2 Reedsburg High School, early 1930's?

EHH3-6 Vol. 2 Summer of 1912. "Covered Wagons fighting Indians". Merriwell, Martin & Clement Schuette, Bliss Deveroux, Dennis Meyer, Lowell Huebing.

EHH3-7 Vol. 2 Reedsburg Cadet High School Band, May 31, 1920

EHH3-9 Vol. 2 Parade, ca. 1920

EHH3-12 Vol. 2 Reedsburg Supply Co., ca. 1920

EHH3-14 Vol. 2 The old Heaton flour mill. When new dam was put in this picture was taken to get an exact view of the vacant lot which was for sale. Ca. 1920's

EHH3-28 Vol. 2 Old South School, May 27, 1919

EHH4-10 Vol. 2 Artie &Marion Campbell, dispensers of shirts and shorts and Doc. John Bouher. Nov. 21, 1939

EHH4-17 Vol. 2 "Putting on the finishing touches". View from N.W. The old Tower erected in 895-96. Cost of new tank, approximately $18,000.

EHH4-19 Vol. 2 "Tommy" Frank Owens, Art & Marion, Thompson's Toggery, June 1940

EHH4-21 Vol. 2 Old Tavern, April 17, 1920, NW corner of 2nd & Pine. Moved to Lucky St. & S. Park

EHH4-23 Vol. 2 Old water tower. "Sitting on top of the world, John Ward is the sitter". Note man standing on top of the tower.

EHH4-25 Vol. 2 Bird's Eye View of Reedsburg from airplane, Oct. 15, 1929. "Airplane view with George Schlieckau, Loganville as pilot. Photo by Edwin Meyer.

GADE1-1 Vol. 2 Reedsburg's old South School. "That bell in the tower was moved to the second South School when this structure was torn down. It was installed on the roof of that schoolhouse until the summer of 1970 when it was once more moved, this time to

the Middle School on the south side. This gives a pretty good detail of how the

kids dressed in the 1880's. There's a hand pump for water at the left on a raised

platform - this time the sidewalk seems to be in pretty good shape. And about

those little buildings on either side of the schoolhouse.....That first little boy, near us at the sidewalk corner on left, he's got that woolen cap pulled down over his

eyes and knowing kids habits, I'll bet his nose ought to be wiped. From what we

see of the street here, the first step from the sidewalk corner must have been a

doozey." (Caption by Rueben Gade)

GADE1-38 Vol. 2 Inside Reedsburg's power house, man is Ed McCauley.

GADE2-36A Vol. 2 American Hotel, also known as the Ihde House, taken ca. 1900. Sign on left side of building reads "Reedsburg Lager".

GADE5-3 Vol. 2 1959, Jr. Legion Baseball Team, won 4th at State tournament. L-R, back:

Wayne Lowery, Ik Lassellette, Quinlan, Butch Bill, Pape, Meyer, Schultis, Fusch,

Rube Gade. Front: Doug Bohen, Gaunauski, Mike Krohn, Harper, Whitty, Douglas.

GADE5-8A Vol. 2 Kleeber Motors, "New parts dept."; L-R: Mrs. Minnie Sass, H.S. Kleeber, Rueben W. Gade. 1948

GADE5-11A Vol. 2 Kleeber Motors. 50th anniversary 1910-1960, Wisconsin's oldest ford dealership. Standing: Willard Kleeber, Buzz Scott, Ken Harder, Alice Burmester, John

Kraemer, Rueben Gade. Kneeling: Bob Hoege, Merve Jaech, Bob Luetkens,Ernest Selle, Ron Cayse.

GADE6-7 Vol. 2 Indian encampment near Reedsburg in Babb Woods. 1889. Px by D.O. Stine

GADE6-9 Vol. 2 Indian encampment near Reedsburg in Babb Woods. 1889. Px by D.O. Stine

GADE6-22 Vol. 2 Kleeber Motors. March 3, 1960. L-R: Don Johannes, R. T. Normington, G. Ramoren; back: John Kramer, Will Kleeber, Rube Gade; front, right: Brad Cary.

GADE6-25 Vol. 2 April 15, 1966. L-R: Rueben Gade, N.E. Isaacson. Isaacson taking delivery of 9 outboard motors for Lake Redstone.

GADE6-28 Vol. 2 Spring 1950. Kleeber Motors. L-R: H.S. Kleeber, Willard Kleeber, Larry Hammermeister, Rueben Gade

GADE6-31 Vol. 2 Kleeber Motors. New car showing, 1953

GADE6-32 Vol. 2 Tent, Indian village near Reedsburg in Babb's Woods. 1889. Photo by D.O. Stine

GADE6-35 Vol. 2 Baraboo River dam, Reedsburg

GADE6-37 Vol. 2 Baraboo River dam, Reedsburg

GADE6-41 Vol. 2 Townsend-Metcalf Auto Co. (later, Kleeber Motors) 1914. Display of Model T Fords and Buicks; L-R: Clark Miner, mechanic; Max Feldhahn, salesman; Charlie Bohl, owner; Wm Kinney, owner.

GADE6-44 Vol. 2 Kleeber Motors Sales sponsored team 1947. L-R, standing: Paul Stolte, Al Struck, Dick Schultis, Jr. Franks, Chet Ihde, Jeff Van Bihren, H.S. Kleeber; Kneeling: Willard Kleeber, Bud Steinhorst, Rueben Gade, Blake Laurence,Don Von Behren; batboy: Jerry Schultis.

GE1-32 Vol. 2 Reedsburg Centennial parade, 1948

GE3-10A Vol. 2 Barney Klecker, 1981. "AMJA ultra-50 mile 1981 RRCA championship.

GE3-19A Vol. 2 Ford car given away, June 1923

GE3-26A Vol. 2 Reedsburg High School, ice storm

OS2-24 Vol. 2 Reedsburg Telephone Exchange

OS3-6 Vol. 2 1885-86. Baseball Club of Reedsburg. 1. Ans. Priest, 9. George Curtiss, 8. George Ramsay, 10. Sarge Ramsay, 6. Louis? Blake, 2. Gib Clizke, 4. Carl Ludwag.

OS6-14 Vol. 2 First church in Reedsburg, SW corner of N. Pine & 3rd St.

OS8-41 Vol. 2 Old M.E. Church, built 1873. In 1883 moved to N. Locust & Pine. 35'x40'

RG1-1A Vol. 2 Evangelical United Brethren Church

RG1-5A Vol. 2 Bible Baptist church

RG2-31 Vol. 2 Hankscraft Co.

RG2-7A Vol. 2 High School

RHS1-7 Vol. 2 C& NW passenger station, Reedsburg

RHS1-9 Vol. 2 C&NW depot, Reedsburg

RHS1-15 Vol. 2 Sauk County Training School (aka Normal School)

RHS1-17 Vol. 2 Sauk County Training School (aka Normal School)

RHS1-19 Vol. 2 New M.E. Church

RHS2-11 Vol. 2 Railway depot, Reedsburg

RHS2-13 Vol. 2 The "original" high school, Normal School later to be located on this site

RHS2-33 Vol. 2 Construction of Presbyterian Church

RHS6-3 Vol. 2 Sharpe & Daylight Store, 1910. Later M&J Auto Parts

RHS6-24 Vol. 2 Home Lumber & Construction Co., 1912

RHS7-8 Vol. 2 Home of Reedsburg Free Press, established 1860. This in 1902

RHS7-26 Vol. 2 J.W. Corwith Livery & Feed Barn, 1912

RHS7-30 Vol. 2 Albert Fuhrmann's Malt House, 1912

RHS7-34 Vol. 2 Brittingham & Hixon Lumber Co., 1912

RHS7-36 Vol. 2 Siefert, Horkan Verthein Co., 1912

RHS7-38 Vol. 2 Alfred Bernien Co., 1912

RHS7-42 Vol. 2 Reedsburg Sanitarium, 1912

RHS7-44 Vol. 2 Reedsburg Times Block, 1912

RHS8-11 Vol. 2 Engine House. Public Library on second floor, 1902

RHS8-13 Vol. 2 Stand Pipe City Water Works, 1902

RHS9-36 Vol. 2 C&NW Depot

RHS10-38 Vol. 2 Sauk Co. Training School classroom (Normal School)

RHS10-40 Vol. 2 Sauk Co. Training School classroom (Normal School)

RHS11-24 Vol. 2 Sauk Co. Training School furnace room (Normal School)

RHS11-29 Vol. 2 Sauk Co. Training School hall (Normal School)

RM1-6A Vol. 2 Main St. looking west, ca 1917

RM2-40A Vol. 2 High School, Reedsburg

RM4-37 Vol. 2 Old Reedsburg swimming pool

RM5-11A Vol. 2 Firemen's Tournament, 1924

RM5-9A Vol. 2 Firemen's Tournament, 1924

RM7-8A Vol. 2 "New" High School

RM7-10A Vol. 2 South School, front view

RM8-23A Vol. 2 Webb Park, swimming pool

RMISC1-7A Vol. 2 Tearing down chimney at old South School

RMISC2-1 Vol. 2 River scene from bridge

RMISC2-39A Vol. 2 Reedsburg Bank, ca. 1920

RMISC2-43 Vol. 2 South School, ca. 1920

RMISC3-22 Vol. 2 Reedsburg High football players, 1913: left halfback, Harold Kleeber; quarterback, Reg Meyer; receiver, Joe Carroll

RMISC3-26 Vol. 2 Baseball team, 1914, Sauk County champions: "Shrimp" Reindflesch, Walter Donahue, Manager. Norm Gill, ___ Kelly, ___ ___, Forrest Viet, Jack Falvy-owner; seated: Harold Kleeber, "Hip" O'Herin, "Peg" Meyer.

RMISC7-25A Vol. 2 St. Peter's old Lutheran church

RMISC7-39A Vol. 2 Interior of electric light plant, 1899.

RMISC7-44A Vol. 2 Stolte, Dangel & Foss Co. May 5, 1899

RMISC7-42A Vol. 2 Interior of Siefert Bros. Hardware Store & Carriage Room, May 5, 1899.

RTP1-29A Vol. 2 Reedsburg Centennial, 1948. Oxen & covered wagon

WT1-1 Vol. 2 St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Reedsburg

WT1-7 Vol. 2 Reedsburg High School

WT1-9 Vol. 2 Reedsburg High School

WT1-15 Vol. 2 First M.E. church & parsonage

WT1-28 Vol. 2 Firemen's Festival, 1912

WT1-32 Vol. 2 Tourist Camp sign in Reedsburg