Reedsburg Collection Volume 4 Photos Identification

EHH2-43 Vol. 4 Plane rides given at one of the last fairs held at the old Reedsburg fairgrounds.

EHH3-22 Vol. 4 "Marching as to war", 1916. Near old flour mill, by dam.

GADE1.1a Vol. 4 [should be GADE2-1a] Reedsburg Foods office, flood Feb. 10, 1966

GADE1-21a Vol. 4 Cows on Market St. (now N. Park), just south of Presbyterian Church.

GADE1-3 Vol. 4 Penny Picture Gallery, ca. 1905

GADE1-6 Vol. 4 Horse & buggy

GADE2-24 Vol. 4 Reedsburg 32nd Div. preparing for WWI, 1917

GADE2-28a Vol. 4 Nestle's Milk Co., Reedsburg, Barney Roper firing the boiler

GADE2-36a Vol. 4 American Hotel, also known as Ihde House. Ca. 1900. Sign on left side of building reads "Reedsburg Lager."

GADE2-42a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Foods Corp. flood, Feb 11, 1966

GADE2-4a Vol. 4 Maxim's Pond, west side of LaValle St., Reedsburg

GADE2-7a Vol. 4 Four people on railroad track, about a mile NW of town in Babb's Woods. Note semi-permanent Indian encampment area on left.

GADE3-19a Vol. 4 "Fred, horse, sulky". Note fly net on horse.

GADE3-1a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Military Band at Rice Lake, WI, June 1905.

GADE3-43a Vol. 4 Three unidentified men in a tub

GADE3-5a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Fire Dept., champions, Rice Lake, June 1905

GADE4-35ax Vol. 4 Cecil Hess airplane

GADE4-37ax Vol. 4 Maxim's Pond off LaValle St., Reedsburg

GADE4-3a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Country Club

GADE4-5a Vol. 4 Sorge's Ice Cream Co., 1920, L-R: Bill Rosenthal, Bob Banks Sr., Frank Howard

GADE5-38 Vol. 4 Soldiers of the Spanish American War, 1898

GADE5-40 Vol. 4 Officers of 10th Separate Battalion of Inf. W.N.G., Camp Harden (Camp Douglas), Aug. 18, 1900. 4th row: #1 Albert H. Clark, 3rd row: #1 Wm L. Bundick; 2nd row: #1 W.A. Wyce, Capt.; 1st row: #2 Major John L. Lynch.

GADE5-43a Vol. 4 Dolly Madison Dairies, Reedsburg

GS1-32a Vol. 4 Basket factory, 1915. Stood where old Ford garage stood. Was owned by Albert Powell (in doorway), who was blind. He wove baskets himself. "Ole Bob" Harper is in basket on right. The "Suszycki Kids" owned goats and cart. Emmert Suszycki, the driver, was hired by Powell to deliver baskets. Lorraine's building on left, possible a theater at the time.

GS1-36a Vol. 4 Suszycki Kids, Emmert (standing); Hazel (left), Donald (driving), Verna (right). Goats were Billy & Ben. March 14, 1915. Taken front of city hall.

GS1-39a Vol. 4 Reedsburg city team pulling snow grader near old Big Store, John Suszycki, seated in center. Ca. 1916.

HS1-36 Vol. 4 "Riverview Park - Private", ca. 1912. At Sherwood's Grove. Also called Riverview Park. Mr. Struebing on roof.

OS7-4a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Co. B, 10th S.B., lined up for mess call, Camp Douglas. 1. H.H. Clark, 2. Ed Monn, 3. Clark Townsend, 4. Albert Richards, 5. Harry Hosler, 6.?, 7. Frank Brimmer, 8.?, 9.?, 10. Arthur E. Kelley, 11. H.B. Quimby, 12. Paul Hudson

OS7-8a Vol. 4 Members of Co. B, 10th Sep. Battalion, Reedsburg Co., Wis. Nat. Guard, Camp Douglas, July 24, 1907. 1. Herbert Wischoff, 2. Glen Knowles, 3. Arthur Schultz, 4. Glen Courtlier, 5. Arthur Schroeder, 6. Frank White, 7. J.Z. Hudson, 8. Ed Meyer, 9. Joe Newbury, 10. Emil Naedler, 11. Arthur Spaulding, 12.?

RG1-33a Vol. 4 Hillpoint Co-op Dairies, Reedsburg?

RG1-35a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Country Club, ca. 1920's.

RG1-37a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Country Club, ca. 1950's.

RG1-39a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Country Club

RHS10-10 Vol. 4 "Pine Tree House" on sign, no other identification

RHS10-12 Vol. 4 Reedsburg Post Office interior, before 1937. Now Gavin Bros. on Main St., 1999

RHS10-14 Vol. 4 Reedsburg Post Office interior, before 1937. Now Gavin Bros. on Main St., 1999

RHS10-4 Vol. 4 Inside old armory ca. 1910. Characters in a play: George Strampe, But. Clark, Paul Schroeder, Henry Purdy,M.G. Dillonbock, Gladys Craker, Eric Karll, Nellie Bumon, Ethel Bock, Ethel Ann Davis, Paul schuette, Otto Riggert, Everett Burdick

RHS10-44 Vol. 4 Possibly a bar in Stolte Hotel (photo had no caption)

RHS10-6 Vol. 4 People in front of old building (photo had no caption)

RHS10-8 Vol. 4 Old Settlers' meeting, South School, Feb. 1947

RHS12-7a Vol. 4 [Should be OS14-7a] Dr. J.S. Collins, 1891

RHS1-3 Vol. 4 The old armory

RHS1-5 Vol. 4 Reedsburg Brewery

RHS3-23a Vol. 4 Old Fire Station

RHS4-10a Vol. 4 Market St. looking North

RHS4-26 Vol. 4 The Big Store

RHS4-2a Vol. 4 Hotel Stolte & Mueller's Drug Store

RHS6-3 Vol. 4 Sharpe & Daylight Store, 1910, (later M & J Auto)

RHS7-2 Vol. 4 John. T. Kelly blacksmith, 1912

RHS7-32 Vol. 4 Reedsburg Marble Works, 1912

RHS7-34 Vol. 4 Brittingham & Hixon Lumber Co., 1912

RHS7-38 Vol. 4 Alfred Bernien Co., 1912

RHS7-40 Vol. 4 H. Sorge & Sons Creamery, 1912

RHS7-42 Vol. 4 Reedsburg Sanitarium, 1912

RHS7-8 Vol. 4 Home of Reedsburg Free Press, 1902. Established in 1860.

RHS8-10 Vol. 4 Howland & Johnson Lumber Co., 1902

RHS8-17 Vol. 4 Stolte & Hahn Sample Room, 1902

RHS8-23 Vol. 4 The Big Store, 1902

RHS8-25 Vol. 4 The Big Store, 1902

RHS9-29 Vol. 4 4th of July parade, Vernie Devereaux in derby hat, worked for Walter Craker, a feed dealer.

RHS9-32 Vol. 4 Reedsburg Steam Laundry 1915. Owner: Amandus & George Strampe. Employees: Olga Meyer Traeder, Amanda Peters Harms, Alta Perau Rosenthal, Edna. L. Meyer

RHS9-34 Vol. 4 Stolte Hotel kitchen, 1900. L-R: Minnie Schroeder Meyer, ______, _____, Mrs. Albert Fisher, Ella Tietje Meyer, Elhert Davis, _____, Mrs. Herb Kelly, _____, _____.

RHS9-4 Vol. 4 Reedsburg Sanitarium

RHS9-40 Vol. 4 Reedsburg Steam Laundry, 1907, Main & Water St. (Webb St.). Proprietor: Amandus Strampe. Employees: Alta Perau Rosenthal, Mrs. Amandus (Kroeger) Strampe, George Strampe, Rose Springburn Lueders, Edna L. Meyer

RHS9-44 Vol. 4 Commercial House, Sep. 22, 1903. Ernest Richard, Ermmie? Marshall. Working for livery stable with dray wagon: Leona Duddleston, Hattie Krutzman, Hazel Prouty

RHS9-6 Vol. 4 Emma Kelly, _____, Bertha Reinecke Fisher, _____, Icel Crall Sorge, Alma Ehlert Davis, Amelia Sussner, seated in white dress is Ella Tietje Meyer

RHS9-8 Vol. 4 Cecil Hess in Reedsburg, 1926

RM3-31 Vol. 4 Daylight Store (Siefert-Horkan-Verthein Co.)

RM3-33 Vol. 4 Nestles Condensory

RM5-17a Vol. 4 Roll of Honor, serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, ca. 1940's

RM7-44a Vol. 4 Park St. looking south

RM7-6a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Country Club, ca. 1937

RM8-1a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Bank, Farmer's Room, early 1900's

RM8-21a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Development Corp. building

RM8-25a Vol. 4 Boulevard, ca. early 1900's

RM8-33a Vol. 4 Business block on Main St., Huntley Hotel, ca. 1920's

RM8-35a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Bank lobby, early 1900's

RM8-37a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Bank main banking room, early 1900's

RM8-39a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Bank, a corner officer's space, early 1900's

RM8-3a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Bank, a ten ton vault door, early 1900's

RM8-41a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Bank, a corner of the ladies rest room, early 1900's

RM8-43a Vol. 4 Reedsburg, Bank, director's room, early 1900's

RM9-5 Vol. 4 Reedsburg Bank, front view, early 1900's

RMISC10-38 Vol. 4 Buildings near railroad tracks

RMISC12-24a Vol. 4 Taylor Lake in Pine Grove Park, ca. 1915

RMSC14-40 Vol. 4 Paul Tilker Farm Implements, 1944, left is Hilda Tilker, right is Paul Tilker

RMISC17-13a Vol. 4 Nestle Plant, ca. 1933. Standing in front, James R. Hall, Plant Superintendent. On steps: Catherine & Lucille Donahue, sisters, office girls. Eugene Tibbits, Assistant Superintendent. Back row: Walter F. Meyer, worker; Garfield Marcom & Al Reppen, Field Men. Raymond Struck, plant worker.

RMISC17-36 Vol. 4 "1918, When peace was declared" WWI

RMISC17-39 Vol. 4 "1918, When peace was declared" WWI

RMISC18-11a Vol. 4 George Schlieckau & his plane, JI Standard

RMISC2-7a Vol. 4 WRDB Radio station, March, 1954. Gordon Locke in picture?

RMISC7-2a Vol. 4 Stolte, Dangel & Foss Co., 1899

RMISC7-4a Vol. 4 Reedsburg Bank, 1899

RMISC8-12a Vol. 4 William Schoephoester's stave factory, 1899

RMISC8-25a Vol. 4 Brittingham & Hixon Lumber Co., 1906

RMISC8-27a Vol. 4 W.M. Daniels Harness & Saddlery Goods, 1906

RMISC8-31a Vol. 4 J. Mepham & Sons Dray Line & City Transfer, 1906

RMISC8-43 Vol. 4 Reedsburg Brewery, burned down in 1904. 1899

RMISC8-8a Vol. 4 Wendel & Hassman, 1899

RMISC9-14a Vol. 4 Sorge's Ice Cream & Butter, early 1920's

RMISC9-22a Vol. 4 Prisoners of War, WWII, ca. 1945. Taken on Herman Thieding farm.

RTP1-22 Vol. 4 "Radio station 9AJG, Old Citizens Bank building, Dec. 1921. "This set was constructed by Vic H. Kansier and was located in the St. Peter's parsonage from May 1916 to Dec. 1921. The first wireless in Reedsburg. Receiver was 0-25,000 meter range, 3 stage amplifier and the transmitter was a ½ kilowatt, 13,200 volt spark-quenched gap. Tubby Fess (Loyd) was enjoying KDKA Pittsburgh with me." Vic and Tubby Fess.

RTP1-24 Vol. 4 Milo's Buffet

RTP1-26 Vol. 4 Taylor Lake at Pine Grove Park

RTP1-28 Vol. 4 Co. A, 1st Btn.

RTP1-35a Vol. 4 J.L. Green building, ca. 1887. People on roof: left, Herman Bartell, George Buelow. On sidewalk, John Kartack, August Siefert, _____, E.F. Blank, Dr. C.F.W. Kordenat

WCS3-2 Vol. 4 Cornerstone November, 1995

WT1-13 Vol. 4 Nestles Food Co.

WT2-15a Vol. 4 Old Reedsburg Hospital on Park St.