Reedsburg Historic Survey - Slide Show - 1984

1. Title - "Reedsburg Historic Survey, 1984"

2. Acknowledgment (page 7)

3. Project Elements (see page 6)

4. Public Meeting

5. Claudette Stager, Principal Investigator for the State Historical Society, with Diane Kamps and Monica Liegel, Survey Committee Co-chairpersons - working at the Reedsburg Library

6. Dave Hinds, UW Extension-'Sauk Co., Project Supervisor. (copying old photos)

7. Entering Reedsburg (old photo) The first white settlers arrived in 1847 and constructed log cabins at.....
8. .....Babbs Ford on the Baraboo River. Reedsburg was incorporated as a village in 1868, then a city in 1887. The municipal economy was based primarily on agriculture.

9. Map of Downtown Historic District.

10. Map of Downtown Historic District.

11. 1940's Main Street View - looking east from the intersection of Main and Walnut Street (at the Historic District)

12. 1984 View (same as previous slide). This 200 block of East Main plus the Times-Press build,ing,117 So. Walnut and the Ford Garage, 305 East Main Street comprise the Historic District Nominee.

13. Cornices of buildings (same vantage point). Most of the buildings have retained their architectural integrity and together represent a significant entity.
The first store in Reedsburg opened in 1850, selling general merchandise. Five years later there was a general merchandise, dry goods and clothing store, tailor, jeweler, artist (sign-painter), land-broker, drugstore and five attorneys. The commercial area grew rapidly, with frame buildings replaced by brick and stone.

14. The Reedsburg Bank, 201 E. Main St., constructed in 1920, replaced a brick veneer store located on the northeast corner of Main and North Walnut Street. Childs & Smith of Chicago designed the Classic Revival building, using cut Bedford stone for construction. In 1927.......

15. the bank bought the building to the east and again in 1976 expanded to the east, with both additions having the same limestone surface material as the main bank. The building has retained its architectural integrity and is the only example of commercial Classic Revival styling in Reedsburg.

16. Detail (main door of bank) Above the pedimented main entrance is a sculptured-eagle. -

17. Lady Luv (The N.W. Sallade Block) Nathaniel W. Sallade, a physician, built this drugstore at 237 Main soon after the 1877 fire. Architectural features are the iron cornice with ornamental brackets and arched pediment with the word "Drugstore" in relief.

18. Emery's Emporium (top detail).The Giles Stevens Block, 249 Main was built for a lawyer, Giles Stevens, by J.N. Parker, a local carpenter. It was constructed after the 1877 fire which destroyed all the buildings except one on the north side of Main Street between North Walnut and North Park. It's distinctive red brick work and narrow size give it significance.

Emery's and Marv's Sport Center–
The William Dierks Block, constructed in 1877 after the fire, using cream bricks from Jefferson, Wisconsin and foundation sandstone from nearby Rock Springs, Wisconsin. The German born Dierks designed the building for use as a furniture store.

20. It is crowned with a very large bracketed cornice with a semicircular broken pediment.

21. Kathy's Music (top detail)

22. Lorraine's Gift's (top detail)

23. Diagonal parking down the middle of Main Street c. 1928

24. The Ford Garage, 300 Main Street, was the site of Wisconsin's oldest Ford dealership until 1982. The business has since moved to a different location. As mentioned previously, this building is considered part of the Historic District.

25. 1899 - looking west on Main Street to the other half of the Historic District Block.
26. 1984 - same vantage point

27. Gavin Brothers Realty (former look) 296 Main St. Thomas R. Young

28. Gavin Brothers Realty (today) an excellent example of creative restoration. The building was originally designed by E.M. Hackett, who was the architect for several other noteworthy buildings in Reedsburg. Once used as a post office c. 1887, the present interior has been redone with counters to resemble a post office.

29. Gavins top) The gabled cornice with finial is Queen Anne, while the bracketing and arched window denote Italianate styling.

30. Gambles, 272 Main St. Another Hackett building, built in 1888, the Free Press Block was designed with a large room at the back for printing and space for two offices or stores in the front. The interior still has its pressed metal ceiling.

31. The George Hilbert Block, Brides ‘n Belles (top) 260 Main St. Constructed in 1895 for George Hilbert, a German immigrant blacksmith, the outstanding features of this building are the two copper oriel windows and the cornice with garland and wreath pattern.

32. Fuhrman's Bar showing original posts, now hidden by present brick front.

33. Fuhrman's (top)

34. Cornerstone (formerly Hotel Huntley) 204 E. Main St. This hotel opened in 1896, the largest and most expensive in a succession of Reedsburg hotels. Constructed of pressed red brick from St. Paul, Minnesota, it displays a corner tower, dormers and oriel windows.......
35. .....with finials on a Queen Anne facade. The first floor housed a drugstore, telephone exchange, office, dining room, kitchen, reading room, three sample rooms and a baggage room, Carpets, curtains and mattresses were made of wool from the Reedsburg Woolen Mill. The oak furniture and woodwork were also.....
36. .....a local product of Reedsburg Building Company. The exterior has been beautifully restored.

37. Reedsburg Times Press, 117 South Walnut St. A new business block was built in 1910 for the newspaper which became the "Reedsburg Times-Press". Originally free standing, this building also housed a restaurant, storeand office spaces. The exterior is Menominee brick with limestone trim. As mentioned previously, it is a part of the downtown historic district.

The following six business buildings are individual National Register nominees, mainly for their historical rather than architectural significance:

38. 1) Dolly Madison Dairy (Sorge's Wisconsin Central Creamery) 312 South Park Street. This trapezoidal
shaped building, constructed in 1911, was the successor to numerous smaller creameries operating
from 1882, which produced butter and ice cream. They used the milk .....
39. .....and cream output of 1500 suppliers. Bottled milk and cottage cheese were produced here under the
Dolly Madison label.

40. 2)Reedsburg Woolen Mill, 26 Main Street. The office is all that.....
41. .....remains of an important early industry. Wool was a locally produced raw material and a dam on the
nearby Baraboo River provided power for the mill. For most of its history the Woolen Mill was the
city's largest industry, reaching a maximum of 200 employees.
42. A fire, in 1968, destroyed the 87 year old mill.

43. 3) Brewery, 411 North Walnut Street. The first brewery was constructed c. 1870 following the post Civil War hop boom. Sauk County became a major hop producing area after the hop louse devastated crops in the eastern United States. This brewery was built in 1905, replacing a wooden structure which had burned. The four storey red brick building included the brew house, ice house, a three-story cold storage room and malt kiln.

44. 4) Livery, 121 Vine Street. The Corwith Livery served an important function in local transportation for guests of three hotels, travelers from the depot, and city residents who rented horses and "rigs".....
45. .....for weddings, funerals and private parties. Built in 1911, the barn is substantially unchanged and the only known livery remaining in the city.

46. Depot, Railroad Street. Soon after the arrival of the railroad to Reedsburg in 1872,.....
47. .....the first wooden depot was constructed. The present brick depot was built in 1904. Can Reedsburg find
some constructive reuse of the.....
48. .....depot? a) Chamber of Commerce/Museum office. b)Tourist/craft shop - possible link with the
Freedom Train from North Freedom.

49. Roper's City Hotel, 125 Main St. - built in 1886. (Victorian Gothic) The building has retained much of its architectural integrity it is now used as a restaurant/bar and called the Town Club.
50. Detail - railing

The following six houses are individual National Register nominees:

51. 1) Edward M. Hackett home, 612 E. Main St. (now the Ruth Wirth home). Hackett, an architect, built this Gothic Revival style home c. 1878.

52. Note the bargeboards, bay windows, and paired windows with arched heads capped by triangular woodwork.
53. 2) Abner Harris home, 226 North-pine St. - better known as the Nishan home. This Second Empire style
house was built c. 1872-73. It has the distinguishing mansard roof with dormers and paired brackets
under the eaves.

54. 3) Ralph Perry home, 531 East Main St. (Dr. Otto Pawlisch) Classified as Colonial Georgian Revival, this house features symmetrical design, multi-pane windows, dormers and modillions.
55. The most prominent feature is a two story portico with a pedimented gable roof.

56. 4) William Stolte, Sr. home, 444 South Walnut St. (Vinson) This Queen Anne style home, built c. 1866-
1888 is the only house in Reedsburg with detailing of this kind. It has a hip and gable roof, bay
window and colored glass windows.
57. Note the beautiful wood ornamentation of the front porch.

58. 5) William Stolte, Jr. home, 432 South Walnut St. Also a Queen Anne, built c. 1866-1888. Features
irregular massing shapes, contrasts of materials, textures and colors.
59. Note the conical roof tower, encircling porch and irregular roof.

60. 6) William Riggert home, 547 South Park St. Another Queen Anne, built c. 1892. Nice features are the wrap around and second storey porches with ornamental woodwork, the bay window and bargeboards. It also has a hip and gabled roof.

61. This map shows the second Historic District nominee - it is largely residential in character and consists of the property around City Park and houses on Park Street to the Tri-County Human Services Hospital.

62. City Park as it used to look. Two churches are considered significant in the Historic District because of: 1)their architectural character. 2)they meet the standard of being 50 years or older

63. St. Peter's Lutheran Church, corner of Third and Locust St. built in 1908. The Style is Gothic Revival.

64. Presbyterian Church, 148 North Park St. The Norman Gothic style. It was built in 1907 for $22,000.

65. Presbyterian Manse, 330-2nd. St. (Colonial Revival)

66. Hatch Dental Office, 208 North Locust St. (Italianate - low pitched hip roof, tall windows. This house,
c. 1877, is the only home in Reedsburg of the Italian.....
67. .....Villa style. Unfortunately, the first story has been considerably altered a previous owner.

68. Frame Cross Plan, 337 3rd. St.

69. Queen Anne, 325 - 3rd. St. (Manning, c. 1895) The hip and pedimented gable roof are the prominent details. There is a two story bay and a Palladian window; also leaded glass. Other features are a turret, wrap-around porch and a second story porch.

70. Italianate, 321 North Park St. (Meyer, c. 1876. Note the nice porch detail)

71. Queen Anne, 346 N. Park St. (Hatch n/a. Tower with conical roof)
72. Queen Anne detail.

73. Colonial Revival, 404 North Park St. (Clossey, 1924. Note formal balance)

74. Frame - with gable suggesting Colonial Revival, 420 North Park St. (open porch)

75. Frame ell, 502 North Park St. (c. 1877) .

76. Queen Anne, 501 North Park St. (Kohlmyer, c. 1904-1912. Good use of color)

77. Queen Anne, 517 North Park St. (Utley, c. 1904-1912. Three story tower, contrasting materials and good use of color)

78. Frame ell, 521 North Park st. (n/a)

79. Georgian Revival - Tri-County Human Services Hospital, 547 North Park St. This structure, built in 1933, has retained much of its architectural integrity. It is now used as an in-patient hospital, treating alcoholism, drug abuse and developmental disabilities. Along the walk is a 1920s light once used on Main Street.

80. THREATS TO HISTORIC STRUCTURES: Fire, Demolition through neglect Poor alterations, Change in use, Urban renewal, Highway construction, Zoning.


81. The Big Store and nearby stores - by fire
82. Dutch Colonial home - demolition for parking lot
83. Teachers College - demolition
84. Store Cornices - demolition through neglect
85. Park Pavilion - vandalism
86. Isenbergs Hardware- altered
87. M & J’s - altered
88. J.C. Penney’s - altered (see store faces changed, etc.)

These buildings are all that physically link us to the past.
The buildings around us are part of our lives
Our city is different from any other
Respect for the past, nostalgia, patriotism
Buildings are art, like painting and sculpture
Many old buildings are superior to newer structures in design and craftsmanship

Mayor John Bernien
Reedsburg City Council
Reedsburg City Library Staff
Dorothy Carlson
Roger & Audry Cassity
Gordy Emery
Reuben Gade
David Hofstad
Ellie Normington
Les Siemens
Ann Yorman
Arlene Hahn
Farmers & Merchants Bank, Reedsburg Times Press, Vierbicher Engineering
WRDB Radio
Citizens of Reedsburg

Diane Kamps, Historic Survey Committee Co-Chairperson
Monica Liegel, Historic Survey Committee Co-Chairperson
Claudette Stager, Principal investigator
Carol Held, Project Director
David G. Hinds, UWEX, Project Supervisor

Update reconnaissance survey I
Intensive field survey
Nominations for National Register of Historic Places
Education programs and materials
Preservation planning