Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015

Reedsburg Public Library
Strategic Plan 2010 – 2015
Adopted    10/14/2010

Mission: The Reedsburg Public Library serves as a free source of reliable information and materials using traditional library resources and emerging technologies to help meet the educational, information and recreational needs of the community

I. The Library will promote all of the services and resources it has to offer and seek new ways to stay current and relevant in the community.

A. Reinvent Library identity to become more recognizable to all
1. Create a Library brand or logo for use on promotional materials
2. Develop branded clothing items and other materials for sale and distribution
3. Utilize brand in promotions of services and events online and in print
4. Develop a vision statement

B. Promote Library services and resources to raise awareness and increase utilization
1. Increase library awareness through enhanced promotion of programs and services
2. Increase staff and volunteer awareness of library events, operations and mission
3. Expand partnerships with local organizations, businesses & community groups to promote services
4. Create opportunities for customer feedback and community input
5. Periodically evaluate promotion plan and update action steps as needed

C. The Library will have an increased presence within the community
1. Encourage staff, volunteer and Friends’ of the Library attendance at community events
2. Increase staff participation in community groups and organizations
3. Encourage community members and organizations to advocate for the Library

II. The Library will maintain and improve upon existing technologies and technology training in order to provide the greatest possible service to our users.

A. Provide staff with appropriate technical skills to improve efficiency and confidence in performing their jobs and in serving the public
1. Develop technology competency checklists for all staff
2. Promote ongoing staff training, competency and awareness of library resources and technologies
3. Develop and maintain a technology resource page for staff
4. Seek training opportunities with SCLS and other partner organizations
5. Maintain the staff and Library web sites to meet staff needs
6. Increase staff usage of electronic resources

B. Provide our customers with technical skills so they can appropriately use the Library and its resources.
1. Develop tutorials that can be placed on the webpage to instruct customers
2. Provide knowledgeable staff assistance for customers when they have questions on computers, databases and other technologies
3. Promote public awareness of the Library’s website and electronic databases
4. Increase public usage of our website and other electronic resources

C. Continually evaluate technology offerings in order to remain on the cutting edge.
1. Maintain existing technologies and find new ways to use the equipment and resources we currently have in place
2. Evaluate new technologies to determine if they may be of use in the Library operations or in service to the public.  Examples of this include scheduling of rooms and staff, telephone systems, digitization and new technologies or devices.
3. Improve technology and promotion to bring resources to more of our customers.
4. Ensure that hardware purchases meet the needs of the future by looking to future trends and evaluating existing infrastructure
5. Secure adequate funding for ongoing technology training and hardware upgrades

III. The Library will encourage community investment in a sustainable future for the Library
A. Develop fundraising strategies for special projects
1. Develop a committee to begin implementation of an estate giving program.
2. Encourage growth of the Friends of the Library organization
3. Raise awareness of need for future building expansion
4. Seek out grants and other funding opportunities to enhance library programming, collection development and other projects
B. Expand a library volunteerism program to maximize service to the community and benefit to the Library
1. Develop volunteer positions and task lists to best utilize volunteer assistance
2. Maintain partnerships with local HS and other organizations for volunteer recruitment
3. Increase awareness of the need for volunteers