Volunteer Policy

Reedsburg Public Library – Volunteer Policy
Approved  05/08/2014
Revised 3/10/2016

The Reedsburg Public Library encourages individuals to volunteer their time and efforts in service to the library.  Volunteers supplement the efforts of paid library staff to provide quality library materials and services to the community.  This volunteerism is valued and appreciated by the Library Board and the Library Administration.

A volunteer is a person who performs tasks for the library without wages, benefits or compensation of any kind.  This includes individuals who perform tasks on an ongoing basis or limited time and may include service organizations, school community-service requirements, internships, job-skills training or court-ordered community service.

The Assistant Director, in conjunction with the Director, Library Staff and the Friends of the Reedsburg Public Library facilitates volunteer recruitment, training, evaluation and appreciation activities.

Potential volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application.  This form includes basic information about the applicant and emergency contact information.  If the applicant is under age 16, a parent/guardian signature is required. 

An interview will be conducted to determine the volunteer's needs, talents, experience, availability, and interests.  A background check may be conducted. 

Individuals referred to the Library by local law-enforcement, social services agencies or schools for the completion of community service requirements will follow the same application process as all library volunteers.  Supervising staff will make all reasonable efforts to compile necessary documentation for completion of hours.

If it is determined that the request for volunteer hours does not fit the opportunities available or the need for supervision exceeds that which the library is able to provide, applicants may be referred elsewhere. 

Volunteer application forms are kept on file for one year, should a suitable volunteer opportunity become available.

Assignment and Training
The number and type of volunteer assignments available are based on the needs of the library in regards to the opportunities and supervisory time available.

Volunteer assignments will be regularly reviewed with additional tasks and training provided as appropriate.

Volunteers work under the supervision and ongoing support of library staff or supervisory volunteers. 


Work Rules and Expectations
Volunteers are expected to follow all policies of the Reedsburg Public Library, as well as the following guidelines. 

  • Volunteers will record arrival and departure times in the volunteer binder.
  • Personal items must be placed in designated area(s)
  • Cell phones should be set to silent or vibrate and should not be used except in an emergency.
  • All volunteers must wear the provided nametag during volunteer hours.
  • Please notify the library in advance if you will be late or need to miss or reschedule your volunteer time.
  • Ask a librarian if you have questions about something you've been assigned to do.

Volunteer service at the library is in an “at-will” capacity and as such the arrangement may be terminated by the volunteer or the library at any time.