Timeline of the New Library


  • January, 1996- A site was chosen for a new library building.
  • January, 1996- The Library Building Committee brings it plans before the City Council.
  • February, 1996- City purchase 2 houses and a vacant lot for at site for a proposed library.
  • April, 1996- Building Committee begins search for an Architect
  • May, 1996- Architect Selected for the library project.
  • May, 1996- Fund Raising begins for a new library. Jim Pawlisch and Hayden Groy (Building Chairs) pledge $25,000 each.
  • Sept, 1996- New Architect named for the library project.
  • October, 1996- Library pledge drive kicks off
  • November, 1996- New library drive passes $630,000 mark
  • December, 1996- Library fund @ 90% of goal


  • January, 1997- 2 houses on the site of the future library are moved.
  • January, 1997- Library drive surpasses goal
  • January, 1997- 101th donation to the building fund. St. Peters school celebrates 101th day of school with a donation.
  • March, 1997- Friends of the Library honor Hayden Groy and Jim Pawlisch for their spearheading the fund drive for the new library building.
  • April, 1997- MATC partners with the city in providing computers for the new library.
  • May, 1997- Ground broken for the new library.
  • June, 1997- Drive is over $800,000 mark
  • August, 1997- Roof supports are up and initial roofing work is beginning
  • September, 1997- Donations are welcome for landscaping the grounds of the new library.
  • September, 1997- Roofer laying the shingles on the new library.
  • October, 1997- Volunteers landscape the new library.
  • October, 1997- Meister Log and Reedsburg Hardwoods donated approximately $15,000 worth of lumber which would be used for trim and other accent features in the library.
  • December, 1997- Carpet is laid in the new library.

Summer, 1997


  • January 10,1998- Approximately 225 Volunteers braved sub zero wind chill factor to transferred books from the old to the new buildings.
  • January 10,1998- The Library at 345 Vine Street is Closed. The City of Reedsburg would not have a library for 2 weeks, as the library was moved.
  • January 24,1998- Dedication of the new library building. 15,000 square foot state of the art library building.
  • January 24,1998- Ribbon cutting done by the building committee, Mayor Farbor used the scissors that Agnes Moorehead had used in the dedication of the City Hall Complex (library addition) in 1971.
  • January 26,1998- The new library at 370 Vine Street opens its doors. As 5,745 people walks through its doors during the first week.
  • April,1998- Fabric Mural of Reedsburg is dedicated and displayed at the library.
  • April,1998- Grand Opening Events during National Library Week.
  • April,1998- Earth Day Mural painted on the wall of Country Partners Co-Op Building. The Mural faces the storytime room.
  • October,1998- South Central Library System honors the library as library of the year. Also special honors went to Jim Pawlisch and Hayden Groy for their work on the library project. Alice Hofsted was named Trustee of the year for her many years on the library board.


  • May 2-8,1999- Library Week Proclaimed in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the library and record first year in the new library.
  • May 8,1999- 100th Anniversary of library service in Reedsburg
  • July,1999- Sesquicentennial History Book Group donates $3,700 to the library for their local history collection.
  • December,1999- Channel 27-Madison broadcast their 5 and 6 clock news as Our Town Reedsburg, live at the library


  • October,2000- Brownies plant bulbs outside the library building


  • June,2001- The Friends of the Library have their first golf outing, which donates $1,160 for the library


  • October,2002- Verizon Foundation give the Friends group a donation of $6500.
  • November,2002- Channel 27-Madison broadcast their 5 and 6 clock news live at the library as part of Our Town Reedsburg
  • November,2002- The libraries September 11th Anniversary display is featured in American Libraries Magazine


  • 5th Anniversary of the library at 370 Vine Street is honored with a week long Celebration of events.


  • 10th Anniversary of the library at 370 Vine Street is honored with a week long Celebration of events.


  • Library Celebrates 110th Birthday of the first library in Reedsburg on May 8, 2009.